Detecting Online Phishing

Email Users Beware


Phishing is when you get a scam as an email. These emails are "Phishing" for your personal information and can be very dangerous. Unfortunately these scams have become very hard to detect. However, there are some clues to help you see if an email is legit or a scam.
What is Phishing?

Detecting Phishing

Phishing Clues

Tips to see if an email is a scam:

  • It includes a link
  • Does not use your name in the address ie.) "Dear Customer"
  • When you hover over a link, the title changes
  • Misspelled words
  • Incorrect grammer
  • Asking for personal information
Three tips about detecting phishing

If Someone was Phishing, They Would Ask For...

  • Your Bank Account
  • Social Security
  • Credit Card Code
  • Address
  • Usernames for certain websites
  • Phone Number

And be careful

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Take the Test!

Think you got it? Take the test in the link below to test your skills in detecting phishing...good luck!