step into social studies

by: Miracle Jeter

Stop! Don't move! Good. Now go back 2500 years to the Zhou Period. Do you see that guy standing to your right? Step into him. Why you ask? Because your about to experience the life of the great Confucius.


Confucius became the most influential teacher in Chinese history. In his teenage life he mastered subjects including music, mathematics, poetry, and history. When he got older he worked for a nobleman, as he worked for a nobleman Confucius thought that China was overrun with rude and dishonest people. Once Confucius became a teacher, he wanted all of his teachings to be based on kindness, love, and respect.

Social Harmony

Confucius had some strict ideas in his lifetime. As a matter of fact, Confucius had some ideas that were called Social Harmony:

  1. Kings should lead by example and have good behavior in all subject.
  2. Moral leadership, not laws, brought order to China.
  3. The lower class would learn by following the example of their superiors.
  4. All family members should be loyal to each other.

Ideas about family

As Confucius got older, he wanted people to love and respect their family such as:

  1. Children were taught to respect their elders.
  2. Disobeying parents was a crime.
  3. Fathers should have absolute power.
  4. If the parents die, then the children have to make ceremonies to their parents.
Well i think you had enough. Before you open your eyes just remember that Confucius didn't make those rules up because he wanted to. He made them because people out there don't respect their parents or anyone. He made them with love and respect. Well i guess you can open your eyes now.