The Singing Swimmers of the Ocean!

Wonderful Whales

Hi! I'm Caroline, and I'm going to tell you all about whales.

First, whales are seperated into two groups: odontoceti and mysteciti. Mysteciti are big whales that have bristles for teeth. Odontoceti are whales with cone - shaped, hard teeth, like bottlenose dolphins.

Whales used to be mammals that lived on land. They were called mesonychids, and they were wolf-like predaters with hooves and short legs. They caught fish the way bears do: along the shore: which is probably what led to evolving into whales. Scienticts think that seals are probably what mesonychids looked like when they were in the middle of evolution.

In Antartica, there are alot of whales that are mostly odontoceti whales. The few mysteciti whales there usually perfer being in the north pole, where they can get to eat their faverite food: krill!

Speaking of tundras, there are three types of tundras: alpine tundras, antartic tundras, and artic tundras. The antartic tundra's ocean is aplace that whales will call home for a long time! On this next box, you will find out alot about some of my favorite types of whales. :)

Sperm Whales

Strangely, thes massive creatures are odontoceti. Sperm whales were almost hunted rto extinction in the 1800's because of whalers. They were a target because they had alot of oil in their square shaped heads. But I am glad that they are rising in number.

Blue Whales

Blue whales can get up to 100 feet long. That makes them the largest aquatic animal in the world! They are found in every ocean in the world. Blue whales are mysteciti whales with baleen (bristles) for teeth.

Killer Whales (orca)

Killer whales only weigh about a ton. They are odontoceti whales. They have a very tall dorsal fin that can get up to three feet tall! Killer whales sometimes live in captivity, where you can see and swim with them. Thank you for listening to me tell you about magnificent whales.