Wolverine Weekly

Sunday, October 4

FREE After-School Tutoring

Greetings WMS Families!

We are going into week 5 of learning and while we will continue to focus on building relationships with students, we are also starting to collect data and tweak our instructional practices to meet the needs of our students. Given the new schedule, we are hopeful that your scholar is settling into his/her study routine and finding balance with completing assignments. Our students are welcome and encouraged to visit teachers during office hours for support. Additionally, soon we will be are offering 1:1 reading and math tutoring M-F 2:00-3:00. Please stay tuned for more information this week! Our purpose is for students to have multiple opportunities to seek and receive support so that they can be successful!

Please be in touch with any questions, concerns, or needs.

~Mrs. Broudy

After-School Clubs start on Monday, October 5!

Expanded In-person Learning Survey

Reminder: A questionnaire for HCPS employees and student households will begin on Monday.

As you know, HCPS is using a “predominantly virtual” learning format for the first nine weeks of the school year. That plan for the first nine weeks is NOT changing.

Work HCPS is doing to plan and prepare for the possibility of expanded in-person learning.

On Oct. 22, the Henrico County School Board will review the latest recommendations from the HCPS Health Committee and determine HCPS’ approach to learning for the second nine weeks of school, which begins Nov. 16. As a reminder, the HCPS Health Committee has been monitoring health data provided by the Virginia Department of Health.

Even though no decisions have been recommended or made at this time, the school division must plan for a variety of possibilities. Any expanded in-person learning approaches would include new school procedures that adhere to the HCPS COVID-19 Health Plan.

Wilder Week at a Glance Agendas

Click here for Week 5 Lesson Plans!

One Team. One Vision. #WilderWay


Mission: Our team is committed to serving all scholars by providing them with a safe educational experience focused on deeper learning, celebrating diversity, and fostering leadership.

Vision: We will empower students to reach their full potential by promoting rigorous academic expectations, preparing students to be leaders in the community, nurturing positive relationships, and ensuring the learning and skill development necessary for high student achievement.