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September 27, 2019

Great Things Happening In Our Classrooms

Observations and coaching visits are well underway! There are some really fantastic things happening in our classrooms that are maximizing instructional time and reflect the urgency we are all feeling to raise our students achievement to grade level standards. Leigh Anne, Shasta, and I have really enjoyed our time in classrooms and are predicting great things as we begin to assess our students to get a gauge on our current reality. We are working with leadership on the process, and we hope to begin to have opportunities for you all to visit and learn from each other. Visiting each other's classrooms in a non evaluative way, purely to learn and grow, will be a great addition to our growth as a school. As the Leadership Team finalizes how we will organize this process we will let you know and present our plan to the faculty. In the mean time, keep doing what you are doing. You all really are a fantastic bunch of educators.

Feedback Wanted

Congratulations to everyone on our first month of our standards work protocol. The lead teachers this month did an outstanding job running with the "balcony" planned protocol. It didn't turn into a mosh pit on the dance floor so I'm considering it a successful kick off to our year long focus. To help us refine our practice and for the benefit for everyone--since everyone at a time this year will be the lead teacher--I'd like everyone to provide constructive feedback to help us all get the most out of this experience. Below is a link to a google form for all of you to respond to. I want us to think about the process and the experience in order to determine what tweaks we need to make to get the most out of this experience. If all entries could be completed by next Friday so the new lead teachers have access to it and can begin to use the feedback in this month's standard focus.

October News Letter

Please have your grade level update for the October Newsletter to Suzanne by Thursday, October 3rd. Thanks.

9 Weeks Party To Borden Park

Please keep students updated on their status to Borden Park for the 9 weeks party. We do not want to surprise anyone regarding their ability to attend. Remember that this is the trip that we hope the majority of our kids can attend so we are able to entice them for the remainder of the parties. If you have students who are on the fence please work to encourage that student to finish this last week of the quarter in a positive way. Also make sure that parents are in the loop too so we can continue to partner with them in future to improve behavior.

The New "Pride Palace" **Name not finalized but this is the current name du jour**

We have given the reading room an overhaul and after creating the vision that Stokely has created we are proud to announce the opening of the new "Pride Palace" This will be a new option for kids to work for with their CICO. Here is how we will utilize the room:

  • In the beginning and until Stokely returns from his surgery the room will be an option for those who choose to use it for a total of 5 days meeting or exceeding their individual CICO daily goal (for most it is 80% for some is varies based on their needs)
  • If a child chooses the reward of time in the "Pride Palace" they will receive a ticket the day of their scheduled reward that will allow them to get to the front of the lunch line and then go up to Stokely's office at the beginning of their lunch time.
  • While they are with Stokely, students can enjoy any of the following activities: video games, doll houses, basketball, hot wheels race cars, and Legos.
  • Students will not miss class time, and this reward will be during lunch on a scheduled day through Stokely.

Due to Stokely's upcoming surgery, we are not going to open up the room to all students until his return. We are just unable to manage that volume of students. However, once he does come back we will put all students who have perfect attendance for the month in a drawing and, similar to the mystery student, select amount of students who have earned perfect attendance for that month. Every month all students have an opportunity to earn time in the "Pride Palace" based on their attendance . We are hoping this will also maintain our high daily attendance percentage.

Transportation updates

It is not a surprise to anyone who is here waiting for buses to clear to realize that we are in a bus driver shortage. We are short 7 (yes, I said 7) bus drivers district wide. We have drivers doing second and third runs just to clear one school. When getting feedback from transportation regarding our new dismissal process, it was mentioned that it is very slow and making the process to get students home in the evening even longer than we are already experiencing. We are already behind the 8 ball with the lack of drivers, if we can all pay attention, listen to the announcements regarding bus arrival, and have kids ready it would be helpful to get the process done in a more expedient manner. Thanks in advance to everyone for your help on this. Also if any of you know someone who might want to drive a bus---have them call transportation. We are desperate.

Upcoming Dates

October 1--PLC--Standards ELA--First week focus on learning the standard.

October 2--PLC--Standards Math--First week focus on learning the standard.

October 3--Student of the Month Grades PreK-2--9:00 in the Auditorium.

October 4--In Service Day--Please refer to emails from district regarding locations and times for morning PD. Please plan on being with your team in the afternoon at Lincoln to plan and review student work for upcoming lessons/unit work.


Are you experiencing issues with technology and need support? Starting on Monday, October 21, 2019 you will simply be able to send an email to The subject of the email is the ticket title, and the body of the email is the problem description. This should make submitting a ticket easier for everyone.

This replaces the technology ticket system! I am excited about this new way of submitting technology issues as now we do not have to be at school in order to submit a technology trouble ticket!

October 2nd Is National Custodian Day

A huge shout out to our custodial crew who have really stepped up their game and made our school a great place to learn and work. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to our school!

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