Automotive Technician

Chris Torgus Period 10

Career description

An automotive technician's job is to maintain or repair cars or other vehicles. The automotive field is very broad and has many specializations. There are engine mechanics and transmission mechanics, and many more. The automotive field can cover cars, trucks, semi's, and even military vehicles.

Career details

The duties of an automotive technician are to repair or maintain a vehicle to the best of their abilities.

The average hours of an automotive technician are mostly full time but some specialty technicians are only needed when that particular problem arises.

Automotive technicians usually work in a workshop floor. Automotive technicians are needed all over since almost everyone has a car.

The salary of all automotive fields ranges from $25,000- 111,000. An average automotive technician mechanic makes about $36,000.

Education needed

The amount of education needed for automotive careers varies. You can do apprenticeship programs that can last 2-4 years.You can also go through an associate degree program that can last 6-24 months. There are also some specialized high school training programs.

Skills required

You need to have diagnostic abilities, you have to be able to figure out the problem.

You need to know how basic components work in a car.

You have to be able to teach others how to work on cars and fix problems.

You have to be prepared for the future as cars get more advanced, only a couple of years ago cars didn't have computer systems in them.

You have to be strong and tough to handle the physical work.

You have to be patient and take you time while figuring out problems.

Job Outlook

In 2010 there was approximately 723,400 automotive jobs. It is projected that by 2020 there will be a 17% increase in jobs totaling to about 124,800 new jobs.

Advancement opportunities or related jobs.

Most people get raises and higher working positions by working on the job and gaining experience. After about 5 years an auto mechanic has gained enough knowledge and experience to become an automotive expert. After 10 years some mechanics have had enough experience and knowledge to open their own shops. It is easy to jump from one job or another within the automotive field and it will help a person become a well rounded experience and knowledge base.