May 6th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

2018-2019 Campus Mission and Vision

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Michael Fitzgerald 3rd Grade

Hi Pony Family,

I was very excited to join Lewisville Elementary and begin a new chapter in my life this year. I was born and grew up on Long Island in New York with my mom, dad, and 5 brothers. After graduating high school, I decided to join the workforce rather than go to college. I took a job with a custom printing company where I helped manage the shop as well as selling their products at various trade shows around the country. Around the age of 30, I decided it was time for a change, so I moved to Florida to pursue a teaching degree. During this time, I met my wife Robin, graduated from Florida Atlantic University, and got married. When I married Robin, I also gained three wonderful teenage step children, Chris, Stacey, and Jon. After graduating from FAU, I began teaching at Rivers Edge Elementary in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I taught at REE for 19 amazing years. While there, I taught 2nd grade for 5 years, 3rd grade for 12 years, and 5th grade for two years. During this time, Robin’s oldest son Chris had gotten married, moved to Plano, and started his own family with his wife Jen. Together, they had two beautiful daughters, Cayley who is now 10 and Olivia who is 8. So, this is what brought Robin and myself to Texas this past July. We no longer wanted to be the skyping grandparents who only got to see their grandkids a couple times a year. We wanted to be in their lives on a daily basis. We wanted to enjoy the birthdays, holidays, soccer games, school events, and all the other ups and downs that Cayley and Olivia would be experiencing. In addition, Robin and I are huge animal lovers. Over our twenty plus years in Florida, we had adopted and raised close to 20 cats and dogs. We also fostered well over 100 kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs over that time period and helped find them their forever homes. Currently we are living in an apartment, so we can not have as many animals as we would like, but we do have our three cats, Taylor, Eddie, and Gussie. Making this move to Texas has been one of the best decisions that Robin and I have ever made. I am so looking forward to spending even more time with Cayley and Olivia as well as working and building a new family with all of you at Lewisville Elementary.

Let's finish strong. Jeans... jeans... jeans.. for the remaining days of this school year!

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Monday is NEU Rally

Let's promote Powerful symbolism.
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Para Professional Appreciation/Tutors

Hi Wonderful LVES Teachers,

As a part of Paraprofessional/Tutor appreciation I am wanting to fill mason jars for each person with notes of thanks/gratitude for all they do to support us and our students. If any of the incredible people listed below help or support you in any way I would love your help showering them with encouragement and thanks. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes and writing them a short note and putting it in my box by FRIDAY I would greatly appreciate it. You can sign it or leave it anonymous; just please make sure it is clear who the note is for.

Thanks for your help in supporting our amazing support staff.

  • Dixson Dale
  • Robert Reed
  • Elda Ratzlaff
  • Morales Gabriela
  • Sandar Hernandez
  • Meri Medrano
  • Brittany Musser
  • Rosemary Dickinson
  • Sharica Jones
  • Maxine Scruggs
  • Leah Jackson
  • Last year they include all the tutors too.
  • Ramona Holder
  • Sandi Rockne
  • Kim Banister
  • Sherry Bigham
  • Sophila Bradley
  • Jean Callahan
  • Marianella Nunez
  • Annette Wallace


Kristen Davis

Baby Shower Extravaganza

Gibbs Shower Information: We will have a table set up in the lounge during the week of May 6-10th. Her nursery is space themed.

Mckensey Shower Information: See you in the library this Friday, May 10th at 3p.m. Her nursery theme is science & animals.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

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The posting window will open Wednesday, May 15th @ 11:45 PM. Grades must be post by Friday May the 17th.

Please remember to open the Language Arts Combined before your mark your grades as completed.

Please enter your comments before the posting window closes.

Finally, don’t forget to mark grades as completed.

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STAARvivor Week!!

So the words to Destiny Child's "Survivor" are not directly related to testing, but please know that this is the theme song for the week! We are now in STAAR crunch time folks! Forgive me in advance for the number of emails, videos, calendar invites, and papers in your box that you will be receiving from me this week...but the BIG ONE (3 grade levels testing) is here!!!

I will be reaching out to almost everyone this week, as your support will be needed to help this round go as smoothly as the first. Some things to be mindful of:

  • GRADES 3-5: Testing rosters have changed to accomodate the number of kids testing and the number of staff members to support student needs so please be on the lookout for an informational video explaining that.

  • GRADES K, 2 AND SPECIALS: Your support will be needed to support us with 5th grade students who are not retesting on Monday or Tuesday.

  • PARAS AND TUTORS: I will need you all to assist by monitoring hallways, bathroom, and the cafeteria.

  • TBD: I will be emailing 1-2 staff members who can support by going in classrooms to relieve teachers.

  • TBD: I will be emailing 1 or 2 classroom teachers who will need to be prepared to test in case of an emergency (ex. A test administrator gets sick and can't come to school. Fingers crossed that this does not happen.

Again, thank you in advance for your flexibility during this time! I will be in the testing room for chunks of time each day. If you need me, please send me an email or see another administrator.

Important Dates for STAAR

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Click HERE to print the STAAR Calendar for May. Make sure you're signed in on Google to access the calendar.

Senior Walk

Date: Thursday, May 9th

Time: 8:15 AM (The seniors will begin walking at 8:15 AM.)

Please have your classes line the hallways in the same locations as they were for the Multicultural Parade. Our Seniors will be walking in their LHS graduation gowns.

Awards and EOY Parties

Here is the schedule for the awards and EOY parties (team leads enter your team's time/place information):

Click here

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LVES EOY Checklist

Please click here to see the EOY checklist. We will review it during our last Staff Learning in May (next week).

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Pony Week

Reminder: Student of the Year Names are due next Monday, May 13th!

Monday, May 6th:
    • NEU Rally 7:50-8:15 for 3rd-5th; 2:00-2:20 for K-2nd
    • Lawson will share STAAR groups with 3rd-5th TA's
    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • Book Fair
    • EOY LPACS (Mrs. Valdes will be on LPACS all day)
    • STAAR Letters sent home for 3rd-5th
    • Baby Shower Gift Table for Jessica Gibbs (in lounge all week)
    • Ms. Lawson will have limited accessibility due to STAAR preparation. Please reach out to the rest of the administrators for help.

    Tuesday, May 7th

    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • 5th Grade SPED ARDS for STAAR
    • Book Fair
    • TEKS & ELPS Collaboration - 2nd and 1st Grades Only
    • Boys LWAL
    • Tutoring
    • Lakshmi Valdes BD
    • Ms. Lawson will have limited accessibility due to STAAR preparation. Please reach out to the rest of the administrators for help.
    Wednesday, May 8th
    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • 3rd-5th turn in signed rosters to Lawson
    • Book Fair
    • School Nurse Day
    • Dress for Success
    • Technology Learning Facilitator on campus
    • GT Campus Selection
    • Chantay Crawley BD
    • Mrs. Valdes will be in 8 ARDs (Portable 1 all da)
    • Ms. Lawson will have limited accessibility due to STAAR preparation. Please reach out to the rest of the administrators for help.

    Thursday, May 9th

    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • STAAR Tub Check-Ins (times will be sent out)
    • Multilingual Coordinator on campus
    • Girls LWAL
    • 1:45 Fire Drill
    • Tutoring (Last day for all grade levels)
    • Kate Carlson BD
    • Ms. Lawson will have limited accessibility due to STAAR preparation. Please reach out to the rest of the administrators for help.

    Friday, May 10th
    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • Kindergarten Field Trip
    • Volunteer Brunch
    • Last day for Pony Time
    • 3:10 PM Baby Shower for Jennifer McKensey
    • Priscilla Gray BD
    • Mrs. Valdes is off campus
    • Ms. Lawson will have limited accessibility due to STAAR preparation. Please reach out to the rest of the administrators for help.

    Saturday, May 11th

    • Elizabeth Ramos BD

    Sunday, May 12th

    • Mother's Day
    • Lisa Burleson BD

    Reminder: Student of the Year Names are due Monday, May 13th!

    More Important Dates:

    • May 13th - 17th - STAAR Week - Closed Campus
    • May 13th - Student of the Year - Names due
    • May 13th - First Grade Field Trip (Rodriguez, Huerta, Diaz)
    • May 15th - First Grade Field Trip (Butler, Carlson, Crawley, Gibbs)
    • May 15th - Staff Learning
    • May 16th - BLT Mtg.
    • May 17th - Awards Ceremonies (1st gr. @ 8:30; Kinder. @ 9:30)
    • May 17th - All Leveled Library books returned for inventory

    • May 20th - Awards Ceremonies (2nd gr. @ 2:15; 3rd gr. @ 8:00; 4th gr. @ 9:30)

    • May 20th - New Teacher Mtg. and Celebration @ 3:15

    • May 22nd @ 1:00 PM - 5th Grade Graduation Assembly

    • May 22nd - 5th Grade Lock-In (after school hours until 5:00)

    • Note: All new RtI referrals will be scheduled for Fall 2019.


    Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

    • Thank you to all of the teachers who are helping to make our 5th Grade Teacher Assistants Program successful. Your enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility are sincerely appreciated.
    • Thank you 5th Grade teachers for your planning and preparation for intense interventions for our STAAR re-testers.
    • Mrs. Valdes - Big Shout-Out for being a principal who cares about each one of our students.
    • Mrs. Burleson, you are are all over the campus...helping so many students and teachers!
    • Amazing Title I Tutors and Paras - You make a difference everyday at LVES. You ROCK!
    • Mr. Thomas for making the Choir field trip successful for our Ponies.
    • Mrs. Blake for keeping behavior expectations real. You are forever a member of our LVES Pony Family!
    • Coach Green - Thanks for sharing the in-depth STAAR information - sooo appreciated!
    • Miss Lawson - Respectful! :-) Your organization for STAAR is amazing. Just one more week. You've got this!
    • Everyone who is supporting our students in preparing for STAAR. Whether you are leading a tutoring group, hosting a child in your classroom for a few hours, or helping to prepare and organize procedures for are appreciated.
    • Samia Rutherford for all the lesson planning and organization for our 4th grade reading intervention.
    • Veronica Hernandez - Your scheduling efforts for the 5th Grade Teacher Assistants Program was greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    • Sandra Hernandez - Thank you for covering my 4th grade intervention group. You are awesome.
    • Mrs. Blake for helping support everyone! You are awesome!
    • Huerta for staying for Multicultural night and help clear up first grade tables.

    • First grade for an awesome job with research for Multicultural Night.
    • Thank you Mrs. Crawly for your willingness to share school supplies.
    • Thank you Mrs. McNamara for lending me your book display so I could display more books in the book fair!
    • Thank you Mrs. Kilam for providing your students to help during the book fair set up.
    • This is a few weeks old, but thank you to Mrs. Rutherford for tracking books down so they could be properly checked out while I was out.
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    Happy May Birthdays

    • Lakshmi Valdes - May 7th
    • Chantay Crawley - May 8th
    • Kate Carlson - May 9th
    • Priscilla Gray - May 10th
    • Elizabeth Ramos - May 11th
    • Lisa Burleson - May 12th
    • Sandra Zamora - May 14th
    • Gladys Diaz - May 15th
    • Iraima Arocha - May 17th
    • Jill Helbig- May 17th
    • Ruben Ledesma - May 18th
    • Jerry Green - May 19th
    • Emily Becker - May 21st
    • Patty Salazar- May 24th
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