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When was the Facebook created? Founders?

The website was created on February 4, 2004.

- Mark Zuckerburg
- Eduardo Saverin
- Andrew McCollum
- Dustin Moskovitz
- Chris Hughes

Who owns Facebook now?

Mark Zuckerburg is the only remaining founder of Facebook. The other founders left to proceed in other things in life (making their own company).

What is the purpose of Facebook? Why is it important?

Facebook is basically copying your life and pasting it on the web for everyone to see. It's a way to keep up with friends, news, events, products, celebrities, and more. Overall, Facebook makes communicating with the world much easier.

How does Facebook earn revenue?

Facebook mainly generates revenue from advertisements. Their users click on these ads with an average of 0.04% at a time (400 clicks for every one million ads). This rate is lower than most major websites.

What does Facebook do to keep people coming back?

Well, since Facebook is a social media website, you kind of have to come back. You need to give out statuses, you need to chat with friends, come back to look for news and information, etc.

Games and other big sites (ex. Instagram and Twitter) also give you the option to use Facebook login in order to interact with their game or website. With these examples, they almost make you have to come back to Facebook.

How is Facebook used as an Internet marketing tool for other companies? How does Facebook market themselves online?

Other companies will use Facebook as a way to advertise themselves. They will either make a Facebook page of their company to give out news and discounts, or they will have an advertisement of themselves up on Facebook.

Facebook will use other companies to market themselves online. As stated before, they will have an option to log onto a certain website or game by using Facebook. Facebook also uses campaigns and media to advertise themselves.