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The following games reviews have been completed by professional game reviewers on a game in KODU.

Evaluation of games

Mr Jake Magton

I played on the game and I thought that it was not very good, the graphics were not very good and the characters were useless in the game. The game had not point to it and it finished when you collected a star at the end which I thought was a bad ending.

Mr Rebecca Penton

I enjoyed playing on the game the game is really good and I was able to play on the game for a really long time and I enjoyed doing this

Mrs Debbie Hattin

I played on the game and was able to complete it. I think that the game had just the right amount of challenge without being too difficult for the person playing.

The characters were all really interesting and each of them had a role to play in the game. They all linked together and told the story.

The aim of the game was to collect all of the coins before any of the cannons attacked you and to finish you had to find the star at the end and collect this. I think that they were good crating a maze for the Kodu to follow, but it was still hard a long the way with some of the enemies being able to kill you if you are not careful.

I think that to improve the game there needs to be more coins to collect and maybe collecting something else along the way giving you special powers would have been interesting.

Overall I think that it was a really good and challenging game.