Grade 6 News

June 8th - June 12th ... Last week of school!

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Final week of school!

Thank you to the grade 6 students for being my wonderful class this year! I really enjoyed our class of dynamic students filled with creativity, intelligence, and fun.

Please pop in to say "hi" next year even when you are the big shots in grade 7!

Also, if you would like a copy of the pictures from the slideshow I showed on the final Zoom, bring by a USB stick next year and I can download pictures for you.

Take care of yourselves and have fun this summer!

Ms. Darling

Please visit the Golden Horn staff video we made for you anytime! We miss you!


  • On the last day of school, Friday, June 12, from 11 am until 12 noon Golden Horn Elementary invites families to a drive-by farewell! School staff will be spaced out along Duncan drive and the school-driveway to see and wave to students and families.

***Please remember to return your Hatchet novels to the school this week - either in the box outside the main entrance, or bring it Friday to the final farewell. THANK YOU!

  • Summative Report Cards will be mailed out the last day of school Friday, June 12.
  • Parents must do school bus registration for every student that rides the bus must be done by June 12, 2020.

Zoom meetings are a wrap. Thank you for joining!

School will be starting back on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.

As of today Wednesday, June 10th, 2020, students and staff will be back at school full time, however it will not be exactly "business as usual."

Stay up to date here:

Math assignment - for the final two weeks

Thank you Brooke for your Baked Spaghetti recipe!

Imagine we are going on our year end camping trip and your job is to make something to bring for the trip that would feed 25 (or you could do 10) students.

(You can actually make something for real and feed your family...or freeze it, for later!)

You will have a budget of $50.

For example, you could bring on our trip:

Snacks... such as bannock, granola bars, trail mix, or muffins

Lunch... such as sandwiches or soup

Dinner... such as pasta, chilli, or sausages

Dessert... such as cookies, brownies, or something for the campfire...smores or banana boats!


1) Decide what you will bring and find a recipe that will feed approximately 10 people. You may need to double, triple, or quadruple a recipe (remember those ratios?)

2) Make a shopping list of ingredients for your recipe.

3) Go to a grocery shopping website such as the Superstore website

4) Record the cost of the ingredients that you will need. Check your quantities - make sure you will have enough to feed 25 hungry kids!

5) Add together exactly how much it will cost to buy your ingredients and record this total number.

Answer these questions:

- Will you be able to buy all of your ingredients for under your budget of $50?

- What is the difference between the cost of your ingredients and your budget?

- How much does it cost per student for your recipe?

- If you have an allowance of $8 per week, how many weeks of allowances will it take to buy your ingredients?

- Imagine that you get a discount for being a school – calculate the total and cost per student again if we get a 10%, 25%, or 50% discount.

- If you could create an ideal menu for a 3-day camping trip, what would it be?

Good work and have fun trying a few camping recipes! Take them camping!

Writing/Language Arts assignment - for the final two weeks

(*Remember the special assignment I talked about on Zoom and sent in your parent's email!)

Watch the documentary: “Secrets from the Ice” for your Social Studies homework.

This is a fascinating documentary about the discovery of remains from a human, "Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi: Long Ago Man Found," who lived ~300 years ago, right here in the Yukon.

Write a story about Kwäday Dän Ts’inchi and add some illustrations.

How you write the story is up to you, however I would suggest trying to imagine that YOU are Kwäday Dän Ts’inchi himself and write a story from a first person perspective.

For example, describe the setting as if you are seeing things from your own eyes. "I peered out over the vast mountain pass covered by glacial ice. From the corner of my eye, I finally caught a movement ... caribou!"

Use your green handout from the materials package I handed out (if you still have it!) to help guide you. Fill out the pages for imagining a place and imagining a character.

Ask yourself questions to develop your character and setting:

Who was Kwäday Dän Ts’inchi?

What did he look like? (*Draw a picture of him)

How did he move? How did he talk?

What did he see on his travels? Did it look the same as now? *(Draw a scene).

What was he doing travelling all alone across dangerous glacial terrain?

Where did he come from?

Where was he going, and why?

What were his hopes and dreams?

What family did he leave behind and who was he hoping to meet?

What essential items did he carry on him while traveled?

What was a typical day like for him?

What happened to him? Why did he die?

Try exploring Google Earth to find out Kwäday Dän Ts’inchi's route.

Please email your story to Ms.Darling when complete.

*If you would prefer to draw detailed illustrations with explanations below instead of writing a story, that is acceptable too.


It is Environment Week in Canada!

Get outside and answer the question:

What Happened to the Honey Bee?

Please refer to Ms. Nyman's website:

Core subject: Social Studies

If you have time,

Go to Currents4kids:

Read and respond to the article there. Suggested article is "The Biggest Cave in Canada."


No spelling assignment for the last week.

Thank you to my spelling bees!


Keep reading...everyday!

Please continue reading everyday ... throughout the summer - something for at least 20 minutes!

Practice reading aloud to a family member, pet, stuffy, or call a classmate and read to each other.

Here are the links for Tumblebooks online.

Grades K-4

Tumblebook Library

Username: Yukon

Password: books

Grades 3-7

Tumblebook Cloud Junior

Username: Yukon2

Password: login

Grades 7-12

Tumblebook Cloud

Username: Yukon

Password: login

Suggested homework schedule

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Check out Ms.Nyman's website

Thanks very much to all our runners who participated in the running club!

Miss Fran’s Website:

Check out Mr.Sen's French and Phys. Ed website

Check out Mrs. Larkin-Boyle's Learning Commons newsletter


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Jenny Darling

Fun Educational Links

Harry Potter fans!

What did the Hubble Space Telescope see on your birthday?

Storytime from Space

National Geographic kids

Username: YukonED

Password: resources

National Film Board of Canada

Free to sign up and access hundreds of films, documentaries, and animation

*Some parental guidance may be required.

Canadian Geographic

Virtual Museum Canada

Go Noodle

Prodigy Math

Khan Academy Math

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