Kindergarten News


Pictures of the Week!

Tuesday, May 10th - Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, May 11th- May Day Celebration at 2:00

Thursday, May 26th- Farm Day

Friday, June 3rd- Field Day (Rain Date June 10th)

Monday, June 13th- Locks For Love Whole School Meeting

Wednesday, June 15th- End of Year Show

Friday, June 17th- Dads and Donuts

Monday & Tuesday, June 20th & 21st - Early Dismissal

Wednesday, June 22nd - Early Dismissal/Last Day of School


I will be submitting book orders on Sunday! Remember, book orders get us books for the class! (I've already used my points to get a handful of books, so thank you!)


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Classroom Items Needed:

-Disinfecting Wipes

-Hand Sanitizer

(thank you!)

Sight Words

We have learned these sight words! Have your son/daughter look for them at home or in the environment!

  • a
  • I
  • the
  • and
  • like
  • is
  • see
  • go
  • am
  • me
  • to
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • be
  • not
  • up
  • as
  • you
  • will
  • have
  • by
  • we
  • of
  • do
  • for
  • he
  • she


This week, we...

  • We learned about function machines. We made a rule (+1, -1, +2, -2) and put numbers in the machine to see what would come out! (i.e. 3 goes in with the rule +1, and it comes out at 4).
  • Played the app Addition Top It on the ipads.
  • Practiced addition and subtraction problems.

Writer's Workshop

We have been writing "research books" about animals on a farm, writing about what they look like, what they eat, where they live, and an interesting fact. This week we focused on publishing and adding color. We'll be publishing and hanging them in the hall way this week!

Reader's Workshop

We have been practicing comprehension while reading. Try asking these reading questions at home!

· Who where the characters?

· What was the setting? Did the setting change throughout the story or stay the same?

· What was the Plot? (Major events)

· What happened at the beginning?

· What happened in the middle?

· What happened at the end?

· What was the main problem?

· What was the solution?

· Did you like the story? Why?

· What was your favorite part?


We continued practicing reading and writing our first digraph: SH!