Miller: A Writer

The Writing Story Of A 6th Grader

I'm a Writer Who...

As a writer I am a very energetic writer and only write about ideas I think will thrive. I am very confident about my work when I share it I share it because I think others will love it as much as I do. I get scared about sharing something that is not up to my par, but I think my strengths are fantasy and things that have come to me in a dream or a daydream.

A Memorable Experience

Something bad that I have experienced as a writer is a big writer block from 2nd to 4th grade I couldn't write a lot of things but in 5th grade I mixed it up and was ready to write!

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

• I would like to get better at spelling.

• I would like to try to write different genres.

• I would like to have better grammar.

• I would like to have the ability to speak well while being watched by people.