The life in the Taj Mahel

By Lamaria Nixon

The Great Taj

Have you ever thought about being buried or cremated? Emporer Shah Jahan honored his wife by burying her in the Taj Mahel.

Why this beautiful building was built.

The Taj Mahel was built for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahel. Jahan and his wife were married in 1612. Soon,the Mahels wanted a baby. Mahel gave birth to 14 children but died during labor of her last child.
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The inside of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was made of white marble and Hindu symbols.The top of the Taj Mahal is an onion dome, The garden is divided with 4 channels of water in the middle.The Taj Mahal has a meeting house.In the Taj Mahal about 200 or 100 rooms are in the Taj Mahal.
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The Taj Mahal today

Now the Taj Mahal's white marble was turning yellow with life threatening disease,called Marble cancer. Experts predicted that the Agra.
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The Taj Mahal is still standing beautiful and the structure of the Taj Mahal is still a marble .