The Roar

By:Jordyn Robinson


The Story takes place in a futuristic London. A new world in an after math of a Plague called “The Animal Plague”. The Government had built a huge city with a 50 foot wall surrounding the city, and on top of that wall they had cyborgs every few feet with guns protecting the city from the other side of the wall and its infected creatures. The city lacks a lot of natural resources and most of the cities citizens are poor and live in cramped places. The story surrounds Ellie and Mika, they are twin brother and sister, and have a unique power to sense each other. At an early age Mika and his parents were told that Ellie had died in an earlier riot within the city. Most of the story is told about Mika and his journey to find his sister Ellie. During this journey Mika gets help from his counselor and is told that he has to play the games of the government and enter in to their pod racing competition and take a Fit Mix vitamin supplement that they hand out to the children at school. During the race pod competition he makes a good friend that is a great race pod gunner, named Audrey. Her and Mika become the best in their class. Mika and Audrey win a lot of prizes in which they get a vacation for their families, but find out they have to compete the whole time, and get tested by scientists. Mika and a man named Mal Gorman Who kidnapped Ellie a year earlier and is in charge of kidnapping children with powers meet. Mal Gorman promises Mika that he can meet his sister if he does what Mal Gorman wants him to do. While in the building Mika's powers are growing stronger and he can sense that Ellie is in the building. Mika wins the competition and is given a new home in the nicest part of the city and that night a riot breaks out. Mika and Audrey fear for their life, steal a pod, get chased by Mal Gorman’s men and go over the wall. This is When Mika and Audrey's life turns upside down. This is when they decide to go back and get Mika's sister Ellie.


The beginning of the story Takes place in a world that has been devastated by a plague. It was called The Animal Plague. The setting takes place after this in London in which the Government has built a big 50 foot wall and placed cyborgs on the wall with guns to protect them from the animals of the outside world. The story has a 12 year old girl named Ellie and a monkey named Puck, escaping in a flying pod that they had stolen, and they are trying to escape a small group of military men. These men are led by a man named, Mal Gorman. Mal Gorman is in charge of gathering children from the city for testing. Ellie was taken by Mal Gorman a year ago and held against her will for her special powers. She is chased by Mal Gorman’s men but she is soon able to escape into The Shadows of the city. Right when Ellie thought she had escaped the men she makes a mistake and ends up crashing into the water. When Ellie and Puck begin to sink, the men come to rescue her and some of them find out that Ellie has powers. Ellie is taken away along with Puck. From here the story opens up about her twin 12 year old brother Mika and he has something wrong and is getting sick and His parents David and Asha take him to a hospital. The story begins to thicken because Mika and his parents have been told that Ellie is dead by the same people that have been holding her prisoner for a year, but Mika and Ellie can sense each other, and Mika’s instincts tell him Ellie is still alive even though everyone else thinks she is dead. While attending school one day Mika finds out that he has to take a vitamin supplement called Fit Mix. Mika’s instincts has him believe that the Fit Mix is poison from the Government and relates to the People that are passing out the Fit Mix as the bad people in his dreams he called Telly Heads. One of them Named Mrs. Slater introduces herself and starts going over what the kids will take and what the vitamins are. Mika throws a fit and gets in trouble and has to go see the head Master Mr. Gray. Mika’s parents get fined a $100 for Mika making trouble and Mika is also punished with a very tedious task of picking up and putting in order by color these little beads that have to be picked up with tweezers. Mika is then told by his parents that he has to see a counselor named Helen. Helen is fond of Mika and makes him cookies all the time. She makes Mika feel at ease. Mika likes Helen, and they both have a conversation about Ellie, and Helen tells Mika that if he wants to see Ellie, he has to play the Government games and take the Fit Mix. So Mika listens to Helen and joins the Pod Racer competition, while making friends with another competitor named Audrey, who becomes his gunner in the Pod Race competition and takes the Fit Mix supplements. Mika is really good at the games and so is Audrey and they won lots of prizes and his parents start to become very proud of him. He wins a big vacation that he goes on with his parents, but he spends that time competing. Mika is tested at a place called Cape Wrath by scientists, in which his sister Ellie is also being tested and she finds out along with Mal Gorman that Ellie has very strong kinetic powers, and they find out That Mika also has special powers. While Mika is in a room he feels his sister Ellie is close by. He also talks to Mal Gorman and wants to talk and see his sister. Mika then goes home to his new house that he won called the Golden Turrets. Mika has been invited to a party at his new home at The Golden Turrets and a riot breaks out started by the people that live in what they refer to as the shadows. The Riots are caused by the Parents that wanted their kids back that Mal Gorman had taken. During the riot Mika and his Gunner Audrey took a pod to escape the riot and be safe, but Mal Gorman and his men thought they wear trying to escape, so Mal Gorman wanted them dead. In fear of their life Mika and Audrey went over the Wall while being chased by these men that they are not supposed to go over. Much to their surprise once they get over the wall they find out that the plague had never happened, and everything they have believed and were told was a lie. There was forests, and mansions and animals. Mika and Audrey go back to Mal Gorman so Mika can be reunited with his sister Ellie. When Mika and Ellie unite their powers become stronger and release a force to the other children from the arcade that were taken and had implants put into their heads. This force disengaged the computer implants in the children’s heads and informed them of the truth. The truth being that there was no Plague, and they were being used to start a war.


The Story takes place in a future London and a Plague has devoured the earth and has turned animals in to rabid mindless creatures. The government has forced mankind into the Northern Hemisphere of Earth and built a huge 50 foot wall around it. Due to the lack of resources as you could imagine the Rich vs Poor people are in constant battle and spacing is very cramped. There is a very high physical force of Governmental military power, and everyone lives in fear of what lies on the other side of the wall. The only thing that exists on the other side of the wall is the Plague, and the Poisonous gas that was used by the government to kill all the animals.

Rising Action

The rising actions in the story was Ellie and Puck escaping in the beginning of the book in a pod and getting caught. Mika and his Parents were told that Ellie is dead. Mika getting in trouble at school for not taking his Fit Mix. Mika sees his counselor Helen and is told that if he takes his Fit Mix and joins the Race Pod Games he will have a chance of seeing his sister Ellie. Mika wins the race pod competition and is invited to Cape Wrath. This place is the building that Ellie is also being tested on how powerful her Telepathic powers are.


The story hits its high point When Mika and Ellie are in 2 rooms separated by a wall at Cape Wrath and they can sense each other. This confirms to Mika that he has been correct the whole time. Mal Gorman know also confirms to Mika that if he helps him He will allow Mika to see his sister. During the testing at Cape Wrath both Mika, Ellie, and Mal Gorman find out that the twins have very powerful Telepathic powers.

Falling Action

Mika and Audrey had won a new home in the race pod competition Called the Golden Turrets. It was the best place to live. The people of the children have decided to riot and attack the Golden Turrets. Audrey and Mika steal a pod to be safe from the riot, but Mal Gorman believes they are trying to escape. He sends his men to kill them, and both Mika an Ellie escape them by going over the wall that separates them from the Plague.....


When Mika and Ellie escape over the wall they find to their surprise that there are Mansions, forests, and animals. There are no poisonous gases and there are people that live on the other side of the wall. They finally reallize their life has been a total lie. Realizing this they decide to go back to Mal Gorman like Mika Promised him, So he could finally Meet Ellie. After meeting Ellie, their Telepathic powers unite, and grow even stronger and send out a telepathic signal that disables the computer chips that wear implanted into the other players heads, and woke the kids up to the truth that there was no plague and they were being trained to start a war.

Character Anaylsis

Ellie is a very brave and caring young 12 year old girl. For a girl at her age to be ripped away from her parents and to spend time with a complete stranger and find comfort in a Monkey shows her bravery and compassion for her life and other life as it relates to the monkey. Ellie is always being threatened by Mal Gorman that he will take puck, or harm him if Ellie does not want to do in tests. As the story grows you can feel that Ellie is getting stronger willed to rebel against Mal Gorman, but also has a little weird compassion for him because she can tell he likes her, but also in the same breath knows he could turn on her. Ellie is also very cunning because she knows she has to play Mal Gorman’s games so she can see Mika, and her parents again someday. As Ellie gets older and closer to her brother her powers grow.

Mika – A very brave, rebellious, and curious 12 year old boy who is a very cautious person, of his instincts,which his instincts are usually always right. He is always being questioned, why do u thing Ellie is still alive? And Mika always says because I can feel her.


on June 11, 1968 Emily Clayton, the author of The Roar, was born in the united kingdom but moves to the united states in 2013. Emma was born in to a military family. Emily moved around a lot at an early age. At the age of 16 Emily dropped out of school to follow a career in archaeology and in illustration. Emily went back to school to become a novel writer and screen writer. She was inspired by Steven Spielberg in her early childhood. She wrote The Roar at 26 years of age right after the birth of her daughter. During her down time she likes to go hiking in England Mistier Mountains and eating Reese's Peanut butter cups. She Followed the novel The Roar with its finishing book called The Whisper.