What is a Hydrogeologist?


Salary Range

Hydrogeologists usualy make around $46,429 to $108,554.

How do you become a hydrogeologist?

You become a hydrogeologist by first getting a degree in geology, and then getting a bacholors or masters in hydrogeology.

What is the relationship between these people and the enviroment

Can stop people from causing disasters like drought by regulating use of water.

Where do they work?

Hydrogeologists are often found in helping in rural Africa. They tell people of water is safe to drink or not.

What do hydrogeologists do?

Hydrogeologists study the movement of water under the ground. They also test groundwater to we if it is safe.

Why become a hydrogeologist

Some people might want to become a hydrogeologist so they can help the environment by protecting underwater ground systems. But not all colleges offer a hydrogeologist course, so you might not be able to get a degree in it. You might want to become a hydrobiologist if you like to learn about water systems, especially ones that are underground. Also, you could become one so you can help eliminate water pollution.