Ms. Burdick's 3rd Grade News

January 14, 2016

Star Student: Anna L!

Valentine's Day

Our party is on of February 11 at 2:45.

Please send in a decorated box or bag by February 11. This box or bag should include your child’s name.

Also, if you plan on sending Valentines, one card should be given to each child in the classroom. These Valentines are also needed by February 11.

Names: Giana, Lila, Alaina, Georgia, Audrey, Carley, Anna S. Stephanie, Anna L, Katelynn, Logan, Gage, Andrew, Ronan, PJ, Pierce, Jeff, Hunter, Blake, Lucas, Connor, Tyler, Mason

Please bring any gifts for Edward by tomorrow, Friday, January 28! Thank you for your donations!

Writing Homework DUE 1/28

Choose one topic below:

· Plan and write a story about the day it wouldn’t stop snowing.

· Plan and write a story about the morning that you woke up and you could fly.

· Plan and write a story about a mysterious spacecraft that has just landed on Earth.

Your story must have a setting, characters, plot (problem, events, solution), and dialogue.

Student Led Conferences

(This is an optional school conference.)

February 8 &10, times - 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Third graders will have student led conferences this February. I would like each student to set aside 30 minutes to show his/her work portfolio to parents and to discuss his/her goals for the remainder of the school year. This conference can be done at home or at school. If the home option works best for you, I will send home the work portfolio for you to review. Parents who wish to have their student led conference at school can sign up. Three students can have their student led conference during each time block. You can also see any teacher during this time.

Due Dates and Reminders

Friday, TOMORROW, 1/15-- Last call for gifts for Edward

Thursday, 1/21-- Spelling test, reading homework 16 due, poetry reading due, adventure book pick due.

Thursday, 2/11-- Valentine's Day party 2:45, decorated box due,

Friday, 2/12 through Monday, 2/15--- No school

Friday, 2/26---Adventure book report due