my short story

chapter 1

Hello!! I will be posting little stories. Tell me what you think.

Kate opened the door. its hinges creaking as it revealed what was inside. The old house has been here for decades and was rarely entered. The place was damaged badly with vandalism and graffiti. Kate slowly took a step into the unsettling old structure. Glass crunched underneath her feet as if warning to go back the curious young girl held her camera close to her chest and glanced around wildly. Letting her imagination wander about what creature lied behind the shadows. The next step my save or take her life. The girl nearly jumped when her foot landed on something. Her glance down reviled that she had placed her foot on a modern cell phone.

Kate picked up the phone and notice the shattered screen was on a video. The girls on the device was only in her young teens but clear worry lines and bags draped under her hazel eyes. Her dark hair was in tangles and was covered in dirt.

Then temptation took ahold of Kate and she pressed play. Immediately the girls stained voice spoke. "Ok I don't have much time so listen. They came for us last night after they know your here there's no going back. So GET OUT like your life depends on it because it does."

Ok I think Im done for tonight enjoy.

Chapter 2

Im back!!! haha i hope you like the next chapter!

12 hours earlier

The boldness of Dawn startled Maddie. The girl had just simply charged in. She had told Dawn that nothing was in the house but as she stood by the door she wasn't so sure she was right. The door was now wide open from the bold girl's entrance so Maddie walked in. Creepy was the only thing she could think when she walked in. The place was badly damaged and all the furniture was gone all but one rocking chair. She turned on the flashlight which was clutched in her hands. It sent a blinding light through the darkness.

"Dawn?" she hollered. Her voice bounced off the walls.

"Yeah!" there was a burning light in her eyes. It dotted her vision and made her jump.

"Dawn don't do that!" she scorned the girl as she rubbed the dots from her eyes.

"Sorry," even though she was apologizing she couldn't suppress a smile, " but you need to see what I found!"

Maddie followed the girl up stairs. Their shadows seemed to dance in the light. The stairs made her uneasy as they creaked.

Dawn waved her hands around gesturing to the boxes and boxed of antics.

"So?" she said proudly.

"So you can't steel from the dead!" Maddie said. Dawns gaze dropped.

"Yeah sorry I said anything." the girl said as she dropped and small pocket watch. It made a dull thunking sound and for a second the world seemed to go in slow motion as it hit the ground.

"Dawn stop it!" Maddie she on edge. She wasn't sure why she was scared but something was terribly wrong.

"Stop What?" the girls eyebrows scrunched together. Suddenly there was a slam from down stairs and Maddies stomach dropped, as something grabbed her shoulder.

Sorry this was short. I'm having writers block.