San Buenaventura

Julisa Munoz

Mission History

Mission san Buenaventura was built in 1769. There were 9 out of 21 missions. The Chumash indians lived near the mission. The founder of the mission is father Junipero Serra Franciscan. In 1806 Fray Jose Senan took charge of the mission. In 1812 the aqueduct was also damaged by the earthquake. In 1793 a fire started and the church was destroyed. The mission was located 70 miles north of Los Angeles 25 miles south of Santa Barbara near the ocean.

Daily Life

The Chumash indians live near the mission. Fray Siarra is in charge of the mission. The women prepared the food for the men and sometimes the children help the women. The men hunted and fished. The women gather acorns and prepared the food and the kids helped sometimes. There is a school in the mission. There was no free time in the mission.
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Mission Today

The mission church is still open. There is no field trips in the mission. Yes there is still a church. No there is not a museum.


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