The BLack Plague

Europe's Invisible Killer

Did You Know?

The Black Plague came to Europe from fleas that lived on mice in Asia. Trading ships brought the plague to Europe in 1347. People with the disease hadblack bruises and slowly died, which is why it is named The Black Death. Over 75 million people died, one third of the world's population. Religious leaders thought the plague was God punishing the church or other religions.

Cures For The Black Plague

Ancient cures for the sickness include washing with water and vinegar and going on a diet of bread, fruit, and vegetables, Another way to "cure" the disease is to pop the buboes, the black spots on a person's body. There is no definite cure to the plague, but one day the sickness just stopped. The plague came back in waves through the 1600's, but for the most part people no longer bacame infected.

Did You Know?

The Black Plague raged in Europe from 1347 to 1352.