Non-existent Career Goals

I have no chance in getting any of these, so be prepared...


I have wanted to be a pharmacist after my father for a while. I have a strong desire also, for the money you get from it.

  • $121,500 per year, $58.41 per hour

  • Doctoral or professional

  • 3% (Slower than average)


I would like to be an illustrator because I like drawing.

  • $45,080 per year, $21.68 per hour

  • 2% (Slower than average)

  • bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts


I have no real inspiration to become an editor besides for the fact that I may get to correct Jackson's books.

  • $56,010 per year, $26.93 per hour

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Job outlook - drop of 5%

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