The Towler Times

October 9th, 2015

Our Week of Learning...

  • We spent a lot of our time this week getting ready for Grandparents' Day. Ask your child how we spent our time with our guests.
  • In math this week, we continued to work on the distributive property in multiplication and we began using tape diagrams to solve division problems. We continue to work on our multiplication fluency. We are now focusing on 2's and 3's. The link below will take you to 3rd grade common core activities for your child to use for practice at home.
  • In social studies, we watched a video to gain more information about pioneer life. Ask your learner what new information he/she learned. The students were then asked to write down what they are still wondering about in regards to pioneers. We will use this self directed, inquiry based method to learn even more! We will spend time in the library doing some research.

Grandparents' Day!

We had a wonderful time with our guests today!! The students performed a rap, introduced their guests, read Grandparents are the Greatest Because... via the Adobe Voice App, interviewed their guests, wrote acrostic poems, talked about their family tree, and gave them a tour around our room! We were very busy and had so much fun! Thank you to the students and guests who kindly included some of our friends, who weren't able to have guests, into their group. Below is the link to Adobe Voice story that we played for the grandparents.

I apologize if your child is not pictured with their guest/grandparent. I did take a picture of everyone, however, some grandparents snuck out before I was able to take their picture with their grandchild and a couple of my photos had a file error. Therefore, I was unable to upload them. My sincerest apologies.


Due to the half day today and no school on Monday, we will not have a spelling list next week. Spelling lists will resume the week of October 19th.


Because our class is so awesome, I have to share the following photo. In our class, we often raise our hands in a "silent cheer" to cheer on, or celebrate someone who has had some great thinking, done well on a task, etc. Well, the children have taken it upon themselves, when someone is working on the board, to begin a silent cheer behind their backs. This way, when they turn around, they are receiving immediate, positive feedback from their peers. They do it all on their own. It really is heartwarming that they look to build each other up and make each other feel good. I am super proud.
Big image

Cubs Day!!

I'm not sure if the picture below attached to the email I sent on Wednesday, October 7th. Just to be sure, I am attaching it again. :)
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Star of the Week...Wesley!!

Wesley has two younger sisters. His favorite subject is math. He loves pizza, playing soccer, football, gymnastics on the trampoline, and Pokemon! He read to us a 3rd grade favorite...The Book With No Pictures! Great job, Wesley!!

Coming Soon...

  • Monday, October 12th: No School
  • Friday, October 23rd: Sholes School Field Trip
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