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Week of January 11, 2016

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Tuesday, January 12-GOFAR and SLDS with Georgann Eaton

Thank you all for your flexibility on Thursday. Ms. Eaton will join us this Tuesday from 3:15-4:30 to train us on GOFAR and SLDS. Teachers should bring their laptops charged to our Mind Meld room.

Dr. Anderson has rescheduled her LSPI visit for February 9 with our ILT team.

Bingo Caller on Wednesday, January 13

"B7...G10...A3!" If this sounds familiar to you, then maybe you enjoy volunteering as a bingo caller? This Wednesday the PTA will host their annual Bingo Night for our families. It begins at 6:00 PM, immediately following a meeting. They are in need of bingo callers, so please email Dorothy Brown Townsend by Tuesday, January 12 and let her know if you have a period of time where you might be able to call a game on Wednesday night.

Interim Part B Directions

In your box, you should have received 2 folders. One was your ELA Part B and will include: student answers, answer documents and the scoring rubric. You will also have the same information for Math in a separate folder.

Please score your students' Part B responses, utilizing the rubric, and fill in the answer documents with their score. These are due back to Sandi no later then January 13th (they must be scanned by January 15th).

Once you have completed the scoring, please return all contents in the folders back to Sandi.


Friendly Reminders of January 15 Deadlines

All Midyear RBES Implementation Plan Updates must be updated in the GTES Tool by January 15, 2016 with your mid year data.

Data Dive Summaries from DA Q2 are to be emailed to Ms. Keag by January 15.

Grade Chairs should include their CLT teams 1-2 action items that all committed to so we are moving our teams toward "Sustaining" on our CLT Collaborative Team Continuum by January 15.

Number Talks

Thursday, January 14, Hilary and Jessica will continue our conversation on how to use number talks in your math workshop during your focused instruction or guided groups. Please meet in the Mind Meld room during your planning.


email about implementing SD

As your team plans and implements new learning from staff development, please send me an email so I can be sure to visit your classrooms. Remember, just like our students, you are not expected to be masters at a new strategy or concept after learning about it during the mini lesson (staff development). Taking calculated risks that have a purpose based on new learning is how we grow, so I look forward to the invitations to come and the bragging that I can do as a result of teaching and learning on your grade level.

Gradual Release of Responsibility-What to consider when planning independent learning...

1. Do the students understand their thinking

processes enough to work independently? “Ability

is built on skill, and students need to be taught how

to think about their own thinking (metacognition)

and how to act upon their learning (self-regulation)”

(98). Students should be encouraged to consider

the following when working independently: what am

I trying to accomplish?, what strategies am I using?,

how well am I using the strategies?, what else

could I do?. Students also need to self-regulate by

understanding time management, task prioritization,

and calibration (101).

2. Is it too early in the learning to work independently?

If the work is at the frustrational level for the student instead of a productive struggle,

the errors the student makes when working independently without success are now

part of the learning as they have been practiced repeatedly. This is particularly true for

homework. Although “research suggests that homework does have a positive effect

on achievement,” the authors’ concern is that “it is traditionally assigned too early in

the instructional cycle— before students are really ready to assume cognitive

responsibility” (106-107).

Excerpt from January 2016 Literacy Connection

The Call of Duty in LA!

The Office of Language Arts is forming a GCPS anchor paper committee to level papers using our 2015 GCPS writing rubrics. We are also forming a calendar committee to review our instructional calendars. If you are interested, please complete the survey below by Friday, Jan. 15, 2016. This survey will help the Language Arts Office identify the 2016 Language Arts Anchor Paper and Instructional Calendar Committee members. Be prepared to provide the name of an administrator who can be contacted for a reference. Selected committee members will receive a stipend, and the amount will be determined once the committee members have been identified. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/16anchrinstru

Visitor Management System

In your newsletters,please encourage our parents to attend the Parent Focus Group this Saturday, January 16 from 8:00-9:00 AM to discuss safety and security, specifically, our new Visitor Management System that will go live before the end of the month.

Building Open on Saturday, January 16 from 7:45 AM-11:45 AM

As you know, I believe your weekends should be spent with your family, relaxing at home. Some of you have asked if I will open the building because getting ahead on a Saturday allows you to go home earlier during the week.

Please be at the front door before 8:00 AM if you would like to spend a few hours in your room this Saturday. There will be a sign in at the front desk. The building will be locked and secured at 11:45 AM.

Growth Mindset...Inspirational Thoughts We Should Tell Our Students...And Ourselves.

If you FAIL, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning."

End is not the end. In fact, E.N.D. means "Effort Never Dies."

If you get "No" as an answer, remember no means, "Next Opportunity."

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Our Goal is 100% Teacher and Student Usage each Week!

Week At-A-Glance

Monday, January 11

Tuesday, January 12

Wednesday, January 13

7:30 - Chess Club

7:30 - Chorus Practice

8:30 - Spelling Bee, Media Center

6:00 - PTA Bingo Night

Thursday, January 14

2:45 - Orchestra Club

3:00 - Good News Club

Friday, January 15

Personal Leave Not Allowed

7:00 - All Pro Dad Meeting "Launch Day"

7:15 - Readers Rally

Saturday, January 16

7:30 - Parent Focus Group