Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade Classroom

News and Notes

Friday, January 8th - Spirit Day, Hat Day!

Tuesday, January 12th - Geography Bee (Yeah for Liam and Riley!)

Friday, January 15th - Energy Quiz

Tuesday, January 26th - End of 2nd Marking Period


This week in reading students will be...

> working on using vocabulary words to write a 'gist' summary statement

>determining fact and opinion from their theme reader and mini-reader

>defining vocabulary words for their mini-reader

>exploring Text Structure with our reading specialist, Mrs. Rielly

>generating transition statements to guide them in citing text evidence

>working in book clubs to discuss the information in their text (Fossil Hunters or The Everest Quest)

>selecting extension reading projects to work on during the reading block

>sharing the information in their mini-reader with students who read a different text


Students started the week in writing by generating a list of all the memories they made, activities they did and gifts they received or gave over Winter Break. Students had a chance to share out two items on their list with their table groups and then enjoyed time to free write.

Students are now brainstorming New Year Resolutions they hope to keep in 2016. They will be describing their resolutions and outlining a plan of action to keep them on track in a written essay.

Ask your child:

What items did you put on your Winter Break 2015 list?

What did you write about during free write time?

What are your new years resolutions?

How is your writing piece coming along?

How do you feel as a writer?

What do you wish you were better at in writing?

Science - Energy

We launched our new unit in Science by watching the video The Science of Disney Imagineering. The host took the students through various attractions in Disney World and explained many concepts about energy that we will be addressing in our unit. This week we are focusing on the definition of energy, potential and kinetic energy, and exploring the many types of energy that surround us in our world.

The quiz on the 15th will cover the big ideas (written by the light bulb in their notebook) and the examples of energy they identify throughout the unit.

This is the link to the Disney Imaginer video. I believe students can access it through their CB log-in information.