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Whatcha think? -Fatima Ghanjani

The Green Bag Represents a Paradox Role Revealing the Two Protagonists

The novel Song of Solomon (1977) was written by Toni Morrison, Abd Pulitzer prize-winner for American Novelist, who suggests a meretricious value of the green bag "with gold nuggets" that reveal the reactions and, later on, detailed personalities of Macon and Pilate Dead. Morrison juxtaposes and compares her characters by revealing Macon's thoughts and perception of the green bag and later on, Pilate's. By analyzing the protagonists, Macon "wanted the dead man to dissapear, to be covered, to be hidden, to be gone" and steal the gold that represented "life, safety, and luxury" in order to prevent himself from overthinking about his recent actions and "get out of [there]", while Pilate forcefully claimed her ground "We killed a man...We got to leave it ,Macon. We can't can't get caught with no bags of money" in order to cover up her past in a more respectable manner. Morrison indulges the young adults and upper ages by her omnicient third person point of view and unexpected, yet surrowful tone throughout chapter 7, which better explains and clarifies the curious situation between brother and sister, Macon and Pilate.

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Pilate Was Ready For Death

Toward the end of this phenomenal book Song of Solomon, written by a winner of The Nobel Peace Prize, Toni Morrison convinces and provides evidence that Pilate was physically and mentally prepared to leave the face of this earth and discontinue the purpose of her completed life. Morrison hints to the death of Pilate when there is realeased tension between her brother Macon, when she aggresively tortures herself by pulling off the accessory on her ear, and when she speaks the last few words of her life. By using these examples of evidence, Morrison