The history of Santa Anna


Born,died and where he lived

Santa Anna was born in Mexico and lived there his whole life except when he tried to get back at Texas because they tried and succeeded to break away from Mexico. He was born in February 21,1794 Jalapa, Mexico. Died June 21,1876,Mexico.

about his Armey

He had a Spanish Armey because he was the President of Mexico during the war. He had a Armey of about 5,000 men.

THE Wars between Texas and Mexico

They had a battle in Texas called the almo battle. they had 17 battles in Texas .The major battle that ended it all was when Santa Anna took part of his army and went toured the Texan government to take it over but they took a nap along the way and the Texas army attack. The battle was over in about 18 minutes the Texas won the battle and their freedom.