Oregon Caves

Haley Blanchard


Located in Oregon closest to Williams city. Oregon Caves National Monument is a National Monument in the northern Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon in the United States.


Mild- located in Mountain elevation 3,680-5,480ft

Winter temperatures average between 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 inches of wet snow/ Precipitation

Summer temperatures average between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit

The inside of the cave maintains a steady average temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit


Twilight zones of the caves

Opening to the forest, where light can penetrate

Old growth Forest

Below ground cave system

Plants & Animals

  • Pacific Gant Salamander
  • Pacific Tree Frog
  • Yuma Bats
  • Fringed Myotis
  • Northern spotted Owls
  • Dark eyed Juncos
  • Watson's Stonecrop
  • Wild Bleedingheart
  • Pacific Dogwood
  • Banana Slug

Endangered Species

Peregrine falcons- now federally petition as threatened

Spotted Owl- live in mature, old-growth forests - many of which have been cut down. Their call is a series of sharp, high pitched hoots usually in groups of three.

Oregon Spotted Frog- is found on the Monument in floodplain wetlands associated with permanent water bodies and prefers the warm, shallow edges of marshes to lay its eggs.

Conservation Efforts

Cleaning the caves from the evidence that humans were there- cleaning lint and hairs off the rocks that have fallen off of tourists

Environmental Factors

Solution Cave formed in a marble outcrop located in Siskiyou Mountain range of southwest Oregon. Marble formed from the tectonic activity lome stone of Juean de Fuca oceanic plate subducted under the North American continental place and was metamorphosed into marble creating the geosynchinic Kart system

Park History

Began in 1922 when a group of businessmen in oregon came up with a novel way of promoting tourism. they did this by dressing up as cavemen, pretending to be descendents of the Neanderthals. They begam to bring in thousands of additional tourists to visit the oregon caves.

To Do Lists

in 48 hours:

I would do the general cav tour to learn about the geology, gossils, cave life, bats, watershed, old-growth forest and human histroy.

chateau tours

in 1 week:

All the off- trail cave tours

All 4 hiking trails: Big Tree, Cliff Nature, Noname, Old Growth