Karl Marx

He had ideas for the government........

A little about Karl....

Karl marx was born in Prussia into a wealthy middle class family in 1818. He grew up in london and became an amazing philospher publishing three books about government. He had alot of ideas about the government and what a city should run and be like.

Karl's theories

Karl marx belevied that states were run by the ruling class for the benifit of them and the people that lived there. He also also believed that capitolisim governments would fal, and be replaced by a different system. He also said communisim would eventullay become classless because they would have to have everyone working eventully. He also defended himself by say that the working classes would eventully cause a revolution.

what Karl was famous for...

Karl was famous for giving government ideas and writing books. Some of his more famous books are communist manifesto and das kapital.
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karl's early life biography

Like I said already, karl was born in to a welathy family in treir in the Prussia Rhineland in 1818. He grew up and studied at the universities of Bonn and Berlin. Then he became stateless because he didn't have a home country, even though he used to live in germany.

Karl eventually moved to paris in 1843 and becme the editor of a newspaper. he only wrote two colums, though. one never even got published! Tat same year in june, he got married to Jenny von Westphalen.

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The rest of karl's biography

Karl published his first book in 1844, called The Economic and Philosiphical Manuscripts. He eventually went on to publish many more books and in all of those books he voiced his opinion of what governmant should be like. He was crushed when his wife died, and then his older sister Jenny, and visited many health and recovery facileties before he died a couple years later of bronchitis in 1884 in london. He was buried in london, too. He had been studying organic and inorganic chemistry in argentina and france before he died.