Monday Memo


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It's February already?!

I usually do birthday greeting on the last Monday of the month. I didn't realize last week's Monday Memo was the last Monday of January....I'm off a day.

Happy January Birthdays

Michael Benson - 1/8

Jennifer Goldman - 1/9

Jason Miranda - 1/10

Will Thompson - 1/17

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Trash to Treasure

This teacher wants to have a video editing class, but no budget. We have some very old 6500's....for all intents and purposes, they are trash. To this teacher, it's treasure.


I have insufficient words with which to express my/our gratitude.

My attempt:

Thank you VERY much for the laptops, my kids are weepy with happiness, several of them came in after school to see them. We are thrilled. You have made it possible for our avenue of the academy to exist. You have effectively change the course of some of these kids’ lives by making their dream of becoming film makers a reality right now.

Wow and thank you!

Teresa Trail MPA, NBCT

Drama/Technical Theatre

Capitol Hill High School


Ms. Wagner's, Kaiser Elementary, laptop failed recently. The hard drive died and all her data was lost. Michael Benson tried reseating the drive while onsite but it still would not boot so it was brought into the shop.

Patrick Delaney then took over while the laptop was in the shop – diagnosed it as needing a replacement drive.

Long then ordered the parts, Patrick installed the new drive – imaged and setup the necessary software.

Long called user to inform her it was ready but just got voicemail.

Ms. Wagner called Jennifer Bohn at the Helpdesk pleading for us to please bring the laptop back to her as she was having a difficult time being without it.

Bryan Bloomer then offered to use part of his lunch period to drive over to the school and drop it off.

Michael Benson heard the call in an email to the Primary team and picked it up and took it back to the school for her.

The entire class made posters to thank us all for our magnificent work!

OKCPS Board Meeting

Monday, Feb. 1st, 5:30pm

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

Highlights include a resolution honoring both Board Member Horning and Board Member Massenat for their service to the OKCPS School Board. We will be receiving two new board members. Incidentally, two former teachers are running for District 3.

Digital Learning Day

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 9am

This is an online event.

Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes.
Have You Heard Of Digital Learning?

Start with the WHY

The TED talk by Simon Sinek is insightful as he talks about the WHY. Jim Collins talk about start with the WHO and then the WHAT. Before we talk the WHAT, we should focus on the WHY.

Ask yourself WHY we do things, our tasks, our goals, our purpose.

Simon's book is available on Amazon.


I found this quote a couple of weeks ago and it resonated with me. As a service organization, we all experience a win when we help others succeed.
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Bio of the Week

Meet Jason Miranda, Network Engineer in Network Services

  • Native West Philadelphian
  • Started working at Oklahoma City Public Schools in 2004
  • Married for 17’s been really tough for her
  • Wife is a Yukon Elementary Librarian
  • I live in Yukon
  • Pittsburgh Steelers fan
  • Raised by my Aunt and Uncle
  • Co-created 2 children, Jadyn and Mason
  • Graduated from Bel Air High School in 1988
  • Hobbies include grilling out and fishing