First Colonial High School 10.05.2015

Upcoming Professional Development

Defined STEM is a digital resource that promotes authentic learning through UbD performance tasks and non-fiction literacy tasks for Grades K-12 in math, science, ELA and social studies. The focus is on deeper understanding of concepts and problem solving skills using performance tasks and project based learning.

Teaching the iGeneration Book Study - In this face-to-face and online book study teachers will be provided with the opportunity to discover web based tools for use with students. Participants will analyze and investigate tools and resources to make learning accessible for all students. Throughout the book study, participants will explore digital solutions for use with students in the areas of managing information, verbal persuasion, visual persuasion, collaboration, and problem solving and have the opportunity to apply these strategies with students.

Technology Integration- In this course learners will examine methods and resources that support and enable teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that are aligned to academic outcomes and maximize learning for all students. Participants will relate these approaches to the collaborative planning process and reflect upon the practices that develop the partnership of the Instructional Technology Specialist and teacher.

** be on the lookout for more information including dates later this week, via e-mail.

How have you incorporated instructional technology in your classroom?

Laura Pettay - Mentimeter is trying out this site for having kids submit the first lines of their essays and get a response from their peers. I like it because it doesn't require a log-in or post the kids' names.

Donna Draeger is using a randomizer app to make sure all students are called on in class.

Anita Ridge gave her students a quiz using Socrative, and used a NearPod interactive presentation for the first time.

Sandra Antony is using Socrative quizzes for AP and Chemistry. Dr. Antony is also making use of the "Mastering Biology" online activities and tutorials with adaptive follow up work for struggling students.

Joe Tucei had his Government students begin a year long portfolio with Smore. His students began the project with a review of the "Foundations of Government".

Barb Besal has been using her Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft One Note to work through notes and practice problems with her Chemistry students.

Mika Tanaka has been using Edmodo to post notes for her Japanese students to review.

Bill Hayes has been using Vernier LoggerPro and sensors for labs with his Physics students. He has also offered simulations from Explore Learning and

FC is #1 in the state and #11 in the nation for words mastered in Gary Hodges' classes have the most words mastered by far!

Will Stravino has been using - a grammar diagnostic and remediation tool to improve his students grammar and writing skills.

Debbie Robertson's Geometry students are working with the IXL program to review prerequisite skills from Algebra and skills in the first unit. Students are finding IXL to be very helpful.

Jennifer Kelly & Kristin Hildum had all 9th graders using iPod Touch devices and the app Evernote to post their answers during a Scavenger Hunt for an orientation to the Library Media Center. Through this activity, the students independently discovered the different programs and materials available to them through their Library, and the library media specialists and teachers could monitor their Scavenger Hunt progress and responses.

Getting Outside with Mrs. Hague & GPS Receivers

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Debbie Lou Hague enlisted the help of Thomas Smith to create a lesson where students learned how to use GPS Receivers to track location and to find the area of ten parking spaces, the tennis courts, the football field and the bus loop. Students were trying to determine if it would be possible and profitable to build a parking garage on the football field.

How are students using BYOD?

"One of my students had to take a selfie with a mathematical function. He used the flagpole in my room as an example of a linear function and took a selfie with it. I think this assignment was for math analysis".

Students are using their own devices to play Kahoot, complete assessments with Socrative, compile research, and learn new vocabulary through

How have students used educational technology in your classes this week?

I've assigned an activity in IXL for the kids in Algebra II which is due by next Tuesday night. Some of the skills are from earlier grades (multiplication facts and integer operations) while others are from our current unit. I'm hoping this will give them immediate feedback on how they're doing on these concepts so they can study right away and be prepared for next week's test. (Lynn Hull)

All my students go to the computer lab for one class each week to work on a variety of websites, including IXL, Khan Academy, and Edmodo. I have a Geometry student who only speaks Russian, so she is completely unable to follow any of the lessons in class. I found a version of Khan Academy that has instructional videos in Russian, so she uses the school computers and a headset to learn Geometry while the other students are testing or working on computer assignments. (Charlie DeFoore)

Something to Consider...

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As the school division works to incorporate a 1:1 program (a program where every student would have a tablet or laptop issued to them) potentially in all schools and all grade levels, one of our largest issues will be providing power for all the devices.

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