Something Gone Wrong

By: Teagan F. 8

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"Mom! Mom! I need the epipen!" Those situations are the worst. Especially when you are not expecting it. If you think about it, there are a lot of people you know have allergies. But have you ever wondered how the got them, or even how you might have gotten them?

Allergies are immune reactions that occur when there is something in the air that your immune system does not respond well to. Pollen and dust are the main objects that set off your allergies like a rocket. Which makes it kind of hard to enjoy the weather.

Some reactions to allergies involve blood vessels swelling, hives, or sneezing and coughing. Another reaction is when your skin gets red, itchy, or you may break out. This usually happens when you eat, drink, touch, or smell something you are allergic to.

When you have an allergic reaction your body tries to help you by sending antibodies to your immune system, it helps to fight it. It usually doesn't help enough to where nothing will happen to you, though. Which means you probably will end up in the E.R. because your body can not produce enough antibodies fast enough to where you are completely protected from the substance.

The immune system responds to foreign microorganisms or particles in the air, allergens, or even you best friend's cat. Most of the things that you might have a bad reaction to are in your environment. Such as dust, wool, milk, eggs, feathers, strawberries, you name it. It's pretty hard to stay away from all of the things that set off allergies.

Peanuts seem to be one of the main food allergy in the world. But 20% of children end up outgrowing their peanut allergy. About 25-40% of people who have peanut allergies have tree nut allergies,as well. But tree nut allergies are not as common as peanut allergies.

Usually, after we are born, our immune system decides what is and is not harmful to us.

Cleaner houses are mainly the place our allergies go wild. The dust in the air can try to enter our body and we sometimes act negatively towards that element.

In conclusion, how we get allergies still are not fully known to man, but the answer may unravel to us someday. We can just hope they go away or blame genetics for our allergies. I thought that writing an article on allergies would be something fun to learn about because I have heard a lot of theories, but I never knew which one to fully believe. Also, I thought that finding a lot of other articles on allergies would be a challenge for me, which it was. so if you or one of your friends has allergies and you were wondering how you or they got them, I kind of just made it easy for you to understand.

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