How To: Dip-Dye White Shorts

Nikki Bracamonte


  • "Rit" clothes dye (your choice of color)
  • vinegar or salt (directions in box)
  • measuring cup
  • plastic gloves
  • large container
  • hot water
  • plastic grocery bags
  • white shorts

Steps To Success!

  1. Gather all materials
  2. lay out 4 plastic grocery bags
  3. fill large container up with hot water
  4. add a cup of salt to the water
  5. stir the water and salt together
  6. open your dye packet
  7. pour a small amount of dye into water and salt mixture
  8. soak shorts in water, salt and dye mixture for about 20-30 seconds
  9. take out shorts and add more dye to mixture, stir
  10. dip shorts back into mixture, leaving out a small part
  11. let sit for 20-30 seconds
  12. take shorts out and add more dye to mixture, stir
  13. dip shorts back into dye leaving more out than you did before
  14. let sit for 20-30 seconds
  15. take shorts out again and add more salt and more dye to the mixture, stir together
  16. dip shorts back in leaving more out than the time before, let sit for 20-30 seconds
  17. take shorts out, squeeze them out in the sink
  18. rinse the shorts out for about 2 minutes
  19. squeeze as much liquid out of shorts as possible, then wash ALONE in the washer with warm water
  20. put the shorts in the dryer for about 30 minutes
  21. wear your shorts! :)

*TIP*: wash shorts alone for the first few times.

Finished Product!