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Blues clues party

The story of blues clues party

Guaranteed to make you laugh


As Blues Clues birthday was coming up soon, he started handing out invitations for the party. He had handed invitations to everyone, or so he thought. He wasn’t trying to be mean but he had accidently forgotten about Magenta. Magenta got really sad and upset. A couple of days had gone by and Blues Clues tried to ask Magenta what was wrong, but she would not say why, but finally Magenta told him. Magenta told Blues Clues why she was so upset with him and when Blues Clues heard, he said, “I’m sorry, but will you forgive me? Magenta accepted his apology and asked if she could go to the party tomorrow. Blues Clues replied, “Yes you may Magenta.” They all had a great time at the party and were great friends.

Moral: Include everyone in everything