Napoleon's Hundred Days

By Joseph Sexe

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Napoleon Quote:

"A great people may be killed, but they cannot be intimidated."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

This quote best shows what Napoleon stood for. When many people stand behind a cause, your only cause is to kill them because they will not surrender or give up on the cause. He showed force even when he was outnumbered. it was all about the fight. Everything he did was for the good of his people.


The Hundred Days is the time period where Napoleon escaped exile and became leader once again. Napoleon escaped Elba on a ship and gathered men at every town in France. The people still liked him and followed him. At one point the Royal Battalion blocked they're way ready to shoot. Napoleon famously said "If any of you would kill your emperor, here I am." All the soldiers put down their weapons and joined him. They recaptured Paris after Louis XVIII fled. As Emperor again he knew his enemies would try to defeat him again so he raised an army and went on the Hundred days campaign. After losing the battle at Waterloo he eventually abdicated the throne and was exiled to St. Helena. Louis XVIII was put back on the throne.


Some people consider the hundred days to be a different time periods but they are all around the same time. The Hundred Days was actually 111 days stretching from March 20th to July 8th 1815. This is from the time Napoleon returned from exile to when king Louis XVIII was back on the throne.


Napoleon Bonaparte was the emperor of France at this time period. Louis XVIII was the king of France. When Napoleon went to Waterloo the person who defeated him was the duke of Wellington.


Elba is an island off the cost of Italy. The battle of Waterloo took place in modern day Belgium. Then it was part of the Netherlands.


Napoleon came back because he was sick of exile on Elba and he was following the conditions in France very closely. The people of France welcomed him back because they always liked him and nothing had changed. They weren't happy with the new government.


Napoleon got off of Elba on a ship named the Inconstant. He was able to gain power and supporters on his trip through France because of his charisma and public speaking skills. He turned the kings army against the government. The king fled when the word came of Napoleon heading to Paris with an army.
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Why is my topic important

This topic is very important because Napoleon was thought to be rotting away on some island. The world thought they would never hear his name again. Then the next day he escapes, builds an army and marches with armies as French Emperor again. For non supporters of Napoleon this is an important lesson. You can't let someone get this much power and support. If someone has supporters they will never really be gone. This is important because it plunged Europe into war yet again.