Phones In School

By: Patrick Czaicki

Do phones effect students in school?

Having phones in schools can both help and distract students. Phones help students communicate better and if there's an emergency. Phones distract students when there is a notification or other social media that the student wants to see. But there are more good ways that having phones in school than there are bad ways.

Helps Teach Safety

Phones are apart of the future and they won't be going away. So instead of trying to keep kids from bring their phones to school, teachers should allow them so the students could learn more about Internet Safety. There was study that showed that 65% of teens still brought their phones to school even though the schools banned phones. So there is no point in trying to prevent students from bringing their phones, they're just going to bring them anyways.

Phones in an Emergency

Phones could be extremely useful in an emergency at school. If something bad were to happen, the students would be able to call for help instead of having to wait for someone else to do so. If something happens to the teacher and phones weren't allowed in school, then who would call for help? The quickest way to call for help is using a cell phone.

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Students should be allowed to bring their phones in case of an emergency and there's no point in having schools with bans on phones because students will bring them anyways.