Jordan, Crystal, Kacey, and Jenny

The Typical American Diet

Americans typically follow what is known to nutritionists as the "Western Pattern Diet". This tends to be composed of red meats, high-sugar drinks, high-fat dairy products, refined grains (simple carbs), sugary desserts, and processed food.

"Fat Americans" as a common stereotype

The western world is seen as an obesity haven. Our government has recognized this stereotype and the Center for Disease Control has jumped on this issue. However, the government CANNOT force one to form healthy eating habits. Good Nutrition truly comes down to knowledge and self control. Without these two principles, you, as an American will maintain the stereotype. Help yourself and help your country by following our research-based nutrition plan.

Eat THIS, not THAT!


  • water
  • green Tea
  • grilled food
  • artificial sweeteners
  • greek and light yogurt
  • whole wheat/grain breads
  • oatmeal
  • fruits, nuts
  • almond, soy, and low-fat milk
  • vegetables
  • omega3-rich fish such as tilapia and salmon


  • soda
  • frappuchino and sweet coffee
  • sugar
  • white bread and other simple carbs
  • sugary cereal
  • whole milk
  • chips
  • red meat such as steak and game


  • Fad diets are a quick fix to losing weight, but not a permanent solution and can do more harm than good.
  • Your metabolism is the rate in which your body burns calories depending on your age and activity level.
  • After a period of time, your body learns to maintain the weight you normally carry.
  • Once you start eating the food from a diet such as Jenny Craig, it will help you lose weight fast but once you start eating regular food, you will normally gain the weight right back.
  • Losing muscle can be a result of of having little or no fat in your diet causing you to lose energy.
  • When a person starts to lose energy, their body goes into starvation mode which causes their body to hang onto fat. This is unhealthy and will make it harder to lose weight.