Kylia Chidi


I am able to make pates ,a french food, rice with salfish soup ,spaghetti and meatballs , I have a secret recipe for my lemon pie flavored cake. I can also cook pumpkin pie and I am learning how to make even more dessert. I know I'm good at it
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I'm a good boxer. I take boxing classes so i can self defend my self. When I practice coach says i'm getting better. i don't play as a sport because I've heard there were some serious injuries has happened.
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I am a great singer. Every time I am singing to myself my dad says " Did I die and go to heaven because I'm pretty sure I hear an angel in here." In choir you can't here me but i sound like angel in disguise. i have trained my self ever since 6 yrs. old every since then i have practiced and i sound even better
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