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Message from the Principal

There was no better way to end the week than a letter that I received from CareerSource Florida informing me that our technical training programs had exceeded employment placement expectations; therefore our school will continue to be an eligible training provider. CareerSource Florida provides career and employment services to job seekers, workers and businesses. For many years they have provided financial assistance to students enrolled in eligible technical programs. Of course that is a result of all that you do in preparing our students to enter the world of work or to further their postsecondary studies which leads me to highlight two success stories that came to my attention this week.

Rick Ponton shared that 2014 LWIT/LWTHS graduate Vikki Martinez who interned with D' Latinos last year got a job with them and is now listed in the publisher/production credits page as a photographer. According to Rick she has over 8000 Instagram followers. I think I need to have Vikki give me some advice as to how we can get more Facebook followers.

Also, Bob Jackson encouraged senior Yerenia Barrios to apply for a scholarship from the Speakers Assembly of SW Florida, she did and was invited to FGCU for an interview. Bob discovered that Yerenia did not have transportation and went out of his way to take her to the interview with the help of Lindsey Simmons. All their efforts paid off and on Friday, Yerenia was informed that she had been selected as a recipient of a $2,500 scholarship award. You may be interested to know there were 31 candidates representing two universities, one college, and four high schools. Of these candidates only four were awarded a scholarship. On April 10th she has been invited to a luncheon at the Hyatt Coconut Point where she will be presented with her award. Congratulations!

So even on the roughest days, remember why you became a teacher influence and make a difference. By making a difference in the life of one student you change the trajectory of generations to come. Thank you for all that you do!

Entrepreneurship /E-Commerce Students tour JetBlue Park

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Tech Corner

Crumbles - This is a funky software application that takes each word from a movie to match your text and creates a compilation - Here’s an example: Enjoy your week and accomplish your goals with a smile! Perhaps you could have fun with it to introduce new vocabulary and/or provide quick directions for your students.

Instructional Strategy - This week’s focus is on engaging students in cognitively complex tasks involving hypothesis generation and testing (Marzano’s element #22). One of the cognitively complex tasks is problem-solving. Thinking about obstacles, possible solutions, and predictions is part of the problem-solving thought process. Sometimes it is helpful to add the creative element, as well. Using Make Beliefs Comix (either the web version or there’s an APP), students can create a comic strip to frame the critical elements of the problem and brainstorm solutions. The potential for a water shortage is evident and serves as my example. Students could listen to this audio clip - Florida: Preserving the Water Supply (will need to log in to Discovery Education) and then design their own comic strip. In mine, Dr. Why, there is an obvious need for additional strips to be created, but you get the picture! :)

Missed Tech Tool Tuesday? You can always review the agenda and submit the 'homework' for an MIP - Check out the schedule. Our next Tech Tool Tuesday is Tuesday, April 7th @2:35pm in 2-233, with a continuing look at YouTube - this time we’ll focus on uploading and editing video in My Channel.

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  • Congratulations to our current LWIT Proctor Lesa Veitia Perez who has accepted the General Secretary position vacated by Melissa Casanova. Until, Lesa's replacement is found and trained, Lesa will split her time between both positions.


  • LWIT Staff, we have been approved to move forward with the COE on- site visit. As a result of the team leader visit we have been informed of additional, or more detailed exhibits that are required. You will be notified of the specific items needed for your program which will be due by 3PM on Tuesday. Thanks for your co-operation on this important matter!

  • LWIT Teachers continue to remind your students about the importance of the COE visit.

  • Student Services is busy working on planning LWIT’s graduation ceremony for May 28, 2015. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to stop into Student Services for assistance..

  • LWIT Teachers - Please remind your students that completing the FAFSA is NOT a one time thing. They must reapply for financial aid for the 2015-16 academic year. Now is the time to do so!
  • March PLT reflections are due on 3/31.

Kudos to . . .

  • Bob Jackson and Lindsey Simmons for accompanying Yerenia Barrios to a scholarship interview at FGCU
  • Rick Ponton for sharing the news about graduate Vicky who with D'Latinos
  • Bob Waller, Darlene Crete, Ariel Pechokas, and Jeff Rexford for giving the Gain group an afternoon tour of our schools

Happy Birthday

No birthdays this week.

Staff Meetings and Trainings

  • 4/1 LWTHS Teachers - FSA Training , Room 2-233, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ( In lieu of Team Meeting)
  • 4/2 Support Staff Meeting, Dining Room, 1:30 p.m..

Upcoming Student Events

  • 3/23-3/31 Candy Sale, Joann Cassio
  • 4/2 Quarter 3 Awards Breakfast, Khris Betten-Jutasi
  • 4/9 Pastries with Parents 6:45-8:00 am, Joann Cassio