Marks And Impression Specialist

Including Firearms by Joe Pelletier

Impression specialist

“objects or materials that have retained the characteristics of other objects or materials through direct physical contact”

Objects with marks engraved or drawn on characterizing them differently from any other object.

How the field solves crimes

Often tools are used by criminals to force entry into things such as houses or vehicles and are often left behind. Tools contain certain impressions and can be traced back to the suspect. Guns leave certain impressions on the bullet. Also footprints are classified to match the persons shoes at the crime scene. Dental images show impressions from teeth if someone was to bite something also.

How to become marks and impressions

To become part of this you need to obtain a criminal justice school. You also need a degree in crime scene investigation.

Famous case

Ted Bundy was a killer. Not only was he a killer but he was a serial killer. He rampaged through a large part of the United States killing and brutalizing women from 1974 until his eventually capture in 1978(Ramsland, 2004). He was captured twice and managed to escape twice. Under stress from life as a fugitive he made the fatal mistake which would lead to his conviction and eventual execution. To his rage and bit one of his victims on the buttock and once on the breast