Oil Boom

Grecia Portillo, Norma Mauricio, and Madelyn Wright


The Spindle top oil well was a big deal here in Texas. The Lucas brothers started digging for gold- black gold that is- in the early 1900’s. They went at it for many weeks, drilling and drilling deep into the heart of Beaumont, Texas.

The brothers drilled for two months total. On January 10th, 1901 they struck a pool of oil and it spewed out of the top of the well; raining down on the fields around the joyful brothers. The brothers expected Spindle Top to produce at least 50 barrels a day. It produced over 100,000 each and every day. This much oil added up to over 3.6 billion barrels of oil in 50 years.

With so much oil; the expensive resource went down in price. It went from $1.40 a barrel to 8 cents a barrel. There was so much of it; it just didn't seem right to make people pay expensive prices for something that can be retrieved so easily.

To this day; oil is still a world resource and getting harder to get. Oil is used for multiple things like for fueling cars. We use oil in almost everything. Even lipstick has oils in them. It is a delicate priority and needs to be conserved for the future.