Tears of a Tiger By Sharon M Draper

Vincent rostan


Tears of a tiger is about a boy who is a star basketball player that makes one big mistake.After they just won a basketball game his friends like usually drink but when they all get in the car only one friend is sober and that's not the driver. Also after the night is over 1 person wont be leaving the scene alive.
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Conflict 1

Man vs self Andy has to deal with losing his best friend and for being responsible for killing his best friend since he was behind the wheel. Also having to deal with his friends minor injures in a car wreck even know they were all drunk except one. Andy says in "In his mind You cant blame yourself forever Andy. 'And if you had died instead of Rob,Would you want him hurting just like you?"
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Conflict two

Man vs society Andy has to deal with everybody forgiving him for his friends death and injures in the cash. He also has to deal with all the kids at school that will never forgot what he did. He also has to keep up with studies and try to get back in his regular routine which is next to impossible. Andy "Its not that I want to die its just I cant stand living anymore."
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Conflict three

Man vs man Andy has to deal with his friends that were in the crash offering help and security but that just makes Andy worse. He cant stand the black cloud of guilt always hovering around him every time he sees his friends, consuming making him not want to live. Andy says "Even I thought it was a real easy sentence, maybe to easy. "Do you think it was right?" "Shouldn't I have been sent to jail or something."


Do I think you should read tears of a tiger absolutely If you like exciting nail biting action then tears of a tiger is perfect for you. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars mainly because it is to short. Over all pretty good book about 4 teenage friends that cant hold back temptation.