All About Me

Emily Grever

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I have a big family. I live with my mom, dad ( Jim and Cheryl Grever), brother, and sister. I have two brothers and a sister their names are: Matthew, but everyone calls him by his middle name Ryan, then there is Brad, and last of all of my sibliens is my sister Natalie. I am the youngest member in my family.


I have two dogs named Zoe and Tucker, two cats named Freckles and Daisy, and I have a hamster named Snickers, and I also have a lot of fish to.


My best Friend is Janea White. We have being friends for as long as I can remember. We do everything together. She is like my sister and I love her like one. I go to her house ever weekend.
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My hobbies are: Playing basketball with my friend Janea at the YMCA working out there. Then we go to her house and play on her Xbox.