Career Project

Game Warden By Cody Calhoun

Why I want to become a Game Warden

I want to become a Game Warden because, my grandpa was a game warden for about 25 years and never had a different job. Although I never got to meet him it's been a job that always interest me because I love to work with animals and protect their welfare.

A cadet receives 3,280$ a month and a game warden VI recieves 6,328$ a month

Why academic integrity is critical for this career

Academic integrity is critical because, if you were to do something illegal in school the people hiring you could see that and not be able to hire you in law enforcement

In twenty years you would make roughly about 1,518,720$ And the yearly salary is about 53,000

What I am doing to prepare for this career

To prepare for this career I am trying to keep good grades and keep anything negative off my permanet record

I will have to live at Texas game warden training center near Hamilton Texas for about 30 weeks the training center has its own shooting range weight room track and pool

What I will do to distinguish myself

To distinguish myself I will train before going to the training camp and then if nobody else does that then that will put me ahead

A game warden has certain times you can sign up and if you pass you will become a game warden but you will be move to places with a lack of game wardens