Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools

Reading and Writing

Students have been researching about a country in which they selected. They have made a web with important information about the size of the country and what landforms it might have, plants and animals specific to this area, and how they celebrate Christmas. This information is being compiled and students have begun presentations to share with the class using an app called 30Hands. This app allows students to draw, add pictures and record their voice.


Students have begun two digit addition. First, we started by using dimes and pennies to illustrate how to make a trade for a 10. Next, the written addition algorithm was demonstrated. It is worth noting that this algorithm could be slightly different to how adults learned it. When regrouping, the 1 that is carried to the 10s column is placed below the last number-just above the equals line. Your child should be aware of this . Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Students may begin 2 digit problems on ixl.

Social Studies and Science

In social studies we are beginning Unit 4, Our Country Today. In this chapter students will compare and contrast local, state and the federal government. They will learn the names of the leaders for each of those and learn about some of our countries symbols, monuments and special holidays. Practice Zondle, Our Country Today, Unit 4.

In science students continue to learn about Our Earth. Slow and fast changes to landforms have been discussed. Practice Zondle, Our Earth, Chapter 6.

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