Queen Isabella and Ferdinand

Isabella from the start

-1451 is when Isabella was born and had a older half-brother Henry IV.

-Isabella is The daughter of King John II of Castile.

Isabella's childhood

-Isabella was born on April 22, 1451 in the town Madrigal de las Atlas Torres.

-Queen Isabella's father died when she was 3 and her brother Henry IV became king.

-People didn't want Henry as their king because they felt that he wasn't a good leader and wasn't very smart.

<--(Isabella is the little girl)


-Ferdinand was the son of King John I of Aragon.

-Isabella and Ferdinand married in 1469.

-Ferdinand remarried shortly after Isabella died in 1504.

the end of Queen isabella

Isabella died in 1504 and Ferdinand remarried shortly after Isabella's death.

in her will she asked if they could protect and teat Americans the same as the Spanish people.

interesting information

-Isabella signed treaties with England.

-Although she co-ruled with her husband she was the better ruler.

-Isabella raised 5 children to they're healthiest ability, one of Isabelle's daughters was mentally unstable.