Be our Guest Restaurant

"Beauty and the Beast"


This restaurant isn't like any ordinary restaurant. They transport you to some of your favorite settings from the 1991's "Beauty and the Beast". Out of all 3 dining rooms the ballroom is the largest which represents the curse being lifted. The smallest is the Beast's ominous West Wing which is dimly lit and offers a glimpse into the darker side of the film. The last dining room is the Rose Gallery which is in complete contrast to the west wing, the room shows the actual movie while you eat and you can look at all the enchanted objects from the movie
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It is a quick service lunch time restaurant that allows guest to order when they walk in on a touch screen computer. While you get seated by the servers you can enjoy the movie in the Rose Gallery or the classical music in the ballroom while you wait for your food. The characters from the movie will meet and greet you at you table and will walk around while you enjoy your meal.
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