Make it! with PBS KIDS Design Squad

Virtual Learning Session by WXXI Education

Session Focus:

  • Overview of PBS KIDS Design Squad
  • Engineering Design Process
  • PBS KIDS Design Squad Website
  • Design Squad Nation
  • Design Squad Global
  • DSG Club & DSG Inventing Green Guides
  • Sample Activities
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Parent & Educator Resources

Engineering Design Process

The design process is built into each Design Squad challenge. As students work through a challenge, they’ll see that the steps of the design process encourage them to think creatively to solve a problem.


  • What are some different ways to tackle today’s challenge?
  • Off-the-wall suggestions often spark GREAT ideas. How creative can you be?


  • Which brainstormed ideas are really possible, given your time, tools, and materials?
  • What are some problems you need to solve as you build your project?
  • How can a sketch help clarify your design?


  • What materials will you need?
  • What can you learn by looking at other students’ projects?


  • Why is it a good idea to keep testing a design?
  • What specific goal are you trying to achieve, and how will you know if you’ve been successful?
  • How does the design meet the criteria for success presented in the challenge?


  • What’s the best feature of your design? Why?
  • What were the different steps you did to get your project to work?
  • What was the hardest problem to solve?
  • Did you have to do something a few times to get it to work? What?
  • If you had more time, how would you improve your project?

Students can explore the world of science and engineering with this collection from DESIGN SQUAD NATION. Use these resources to help your students gain a stronger understanding of the design process and the connection between engineering and the things we use in everyday life. The DESIGN SQUAD NATION Collection equips students with science and math skills, and lays the foundation they need to participate in engineering activities later in life.

Topics include: Electricity, Force/Energy, Green, Simple Machines, Sound/Music, Space/Transportation, Sports/Games, Structures, Technology/Materials, Health

(click below to view all activities in these categories)

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DSG clubs connect kids ages 10–13 through afterschool programs around the world. Kids explore engineering and invention through fun-packed, high-energy, hands-on activities—and they partner with a DSG club from a different country!

DSG: 6 & 12-Week Club Guides

DSG Inventing Green: 6 & 12-Week Club Guides

Host of PBS KIDS Design Squad - has a bunch of fun Facebook videos from FB live's that he's hosted before - check him out!

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