Growth Of Japanese Culture

A Golden Age Of Literature And Drama By: Payton Veach

What Period did Literature in japan begin?

Japan adapted many types of literature from China. The Japanese used Chinese symbols to describe certain objects, ideas or actions. They also used types of characters to define certain sounds. The sounds worked as letters in English syllables.

Japanese drama

Japanese people performed Shinto's in religious places called Shrines. One of the types of drama was Noh, Noh plays were based off of legends and folktales. Actors in the play had painted masks on to show emotion. The producers and actors were all men.

Another type of drama was the Kabuki. Kabuki was based off of melodramatic singing, dancing and bright makeup. This drama was a lot different then Noh. Kabuki's themes were for the common people. Kabuki is also acted by men.

The Tale Of Genji

The tale of Genji was about the life of a prince in imperial courts. Lady Murasaki Shikibu was the author of this tale it was the first real book written. All of the tales before hers were based off other stories. This made it the most important book in Japan.
Noh Theatre Masks

Essential question: What was unigue about Japanese literature and drama?

Essential quetsion:What themes are reflected in Japanese art?