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The Week in Review

Well, this week can be summed up very simply. Testing, Testing, Testing! This was the official first week of the M-step test and I must brag slightly by saying that I feel the kiddos worked extremely hard. I heard zero complaints and nobody rushed just to get done. They were troopers for sure! We worked on the Math portion of the Mstep and I'm happy to say that every kid finished this portion. Next week we will focus on the ELA/Reading portion and then we are done! Yippee!!! As a way to celebrate the students hard work, we did surprise them with a pizza party today! The students were very excited about this!

AR Test Requirements

The students are required to take 4 AR tests throughout this final marking period. Each test must be at their reading level and they must pass it with a 70%. The students can not take these tests at home however they can fill out their book review on the website below. The students can log in and fill out a book review on their book. They may also recommend the book to other students in their class. It's a pretty cool site and its free which is always awesome! **Parents can also sign up and check in on what your kids are writing for their reviews.**

Weekly Multiplication Tests

Every Friday, students take a 3 minute timed multiplication test. The state of Michigan expects that all 3rd graders are fluent in their multiplication facts through 10's. Currently we have about 4 out of our 22 students who have met this requirement. Please have them study their facts every night. The goal that has been set for the kids is that their scores have to improve every week. If they do not, they are asked to stay in the following week and study during their recesses. Each week I will update the list of who needs to stay in. The following students will be peeping recess next week: Emma, Annabelle, Joel, Braden, and Aaliyah. Below is a link to some fun ways for students to practice their multiplication facts. Please check it out!
Some questions I've been getting this week are:

-Is there a math homework packet this week? The answer is NO because of the Mstep.

-What am I supposed to do with the sign sheet for the homework folder? These sheets are supposed to be kept inside the homework folder and brought to school everyday signed. If the students do not bring it back signed everyday, they lose points on Classdojo.

-Can my kid correct homework that is sent home graded? Absolutely!! They may turn anything but tests and quizzes back in for half credit.

A Glimpse from the Mackinaw Presenters

Spring Carnival

Friday, May 13th, 5:30-7:30pm

Middle School Gym

3rd Grade is responsible for a theme basket. Our theme is Outdoor/ Garden Items. If you can donate anything the PRPTG would like them turned by May 6th.

Specials Schedule for Week

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Art and Library

Wednesday- Gym



Upcoming Dates To Remember

May 2- Donkey Basketball

May 13- Spring Carnival 5:30-7:30 @ Middle School

May 30- No School-- Memorial Day

June 2- K-3 School Field Trip

June 7- 3rd Grade Field Trip to Hartwick Pines

June 9- Last Day of school --Half Day

Mrs. Jana Dennis

3rd Grade Teacher, Varsity Volleyball Coach and 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach.