Tech Workshops

Microblogging: Twitter, Instagram and Storify

Tech Workshops

This year I will be hosting monthly workshops in my classroom around the theme of blogging. Anyone in the district is welcome to attend. These make-and-take (or publish to the web) workshops will be hands on sessions where we will collaborate and create digital resources for our classrooms.

Sharing your learning in 140 or less!

Twitter has so many useful applications from sharing your blog and connecting your class to a global audience, to growing your own Professional Learning Network. Twitter is also a great source for free professional development.

Another tool I like for microblogging is Instagram; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I tend to use Twitter as a professional tool and Instagram as a classroom tool, but we will explore all possibilities in this workshop. One possibility I would like to explore is having teachers from all sites feel more connected through our own district Twitter chat.
A Teacher's Guide to Instagram

I wrote a blog post recently on using Instagram in and out of the classroom.

Storify of #TLAP Back to School Chat

Use a hashtag to make the internet tell a story. This is a great tool for curating posts across various social media outlets on a specific topic. Apply it to your school or classroom by making your own hashtag, like #CMSreads or #SwettChat.


Date TBA

I'd love to hold this workshop off campus one evening and have some experienced Twitter users paired up with teachers new to Twitter to participate in an actual Twitter chat. I think I would have room to host this at my house based on the number of people that have been attending past workshops. If we meet on a Sunday or Monday night, I could probably have the chef whip us up some yummy treats for our post chat reflections. Please comment below if you would like to come to this workshop. If you have a Twitter or Instagram account already, add a link to that too. If you are interested in being a Twitter mentor, mention that as well.

I am often asked how I come up with all of my great ideas...the answer is almost always Twitter. Connecting with teachers around the world through my growing professional learning network (PLN) on Twitter has been a most valuable learning experience. Unlike a conference, Twitter is available at all times and it is free. Won't you join my PLN?