The Southern Colonies

Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


Virginia was the first successful colony in the New World. It began in Jamestown in 1607. It was set up as a corporate charter. The winters of 1607 - 1608 and 1608 - 1609 were known as the starving winters. The Powhatan tribe was a big threat to the settlers. Powhatan was the leader of the tribe and Pocahontas was apart of the tribe


Maryland began when King Charles I gave Lord Baltimore land in 1632. Lord Baltimore's real name was Cecilius Calvert. In 1649 the Toleration Act was passed. Lord Baltimore intended for Maryland to be a refugee for Catholics. The Toleration Act was the first law that allowed all Christians to worship freely in their own ways.

The Carolinas

Carolina was started in 1663 by King Charles II. However in 1729 Carolina was split into North Carolina and South Carolina. South Carolina had great rich soil for farming and it flourished more than the northern part. North Carolina had bad farmland and hardly any harbors.


Georgia being the last of the thirteen colonies, became a buffer zone for cash crops from the Carolinas and foreign enemies. It was also a colony full of debtors. Georgia was named after King George II